Depilatory creams beauty of the female body

Every woman dreams of increased attention to the person, not only the admiration of men, but also women's envious.And if you can cause jealousy girlfriends and ordinary new blouse, bought with a stunning discount, man "like eyes" and be sure to pay attention only to the well-groomed and neat ladies.Therefore, any woman should be perfect in everything strive for perfection and beauty.

One of the main components of feminine beauty is perfectly smooth skin of the body, without the slightest hint of excessive vegetation.Modern manufacturers of cosmetic products offer an arsenal of tools that can save a woman from unwanted hair, and one of them is a depilatory cream.

What cream for hair removal?

Appointment of depilatory cream - absolutely painlessly remove unwanted hair from the body, so unlike all existing methods of hair removal, this method does not cause unpleasant sensations after application.The active components of the cream, penetrating the skin, destroying the hair follicle.Therefore hair aft

er depilation are not barbed, such as aftershave.

only drawback depilatory cream is its chemical composition, so there is a likelihood of damage to sensitive skin or allergic reactions, but it is easy to prevent.Suffice it before using the test for determination of the sensitivity of the skin and to draw attention to results.If redness or manifest other symptoms characteristic of allergic reactions, it is necessary to give up the cream, it may not suitable for this type of skin.You can select another type of hair removal.

sensitivity test should be performed mandatory, even if the funds for depilation are hypoallergenic.

Myths about depilatory creams

Argued that hair removal cream helps to ensure that the hairs are thick and rough.Do not believe it!According to studies, they grow the same as before the procedure depilation.Furthermore, their growth is slowed.The composition of depilatory cream contains components that inhibit hair growth, so the myth that after depilation they grow twice as fast, remains a myth.

depilatory cream contains in its composition thioglycolic acid, which destroys the hair shaft and acts on the hair follicle, so hair is again growing thin.Also in the cream usually contains various plant extracts, such as camomile, thereby mitigating skin depilation area.Thus, the skin remains smooth for a long time and silky.

Why use depilatory creams?

Many women prefer waxing chemical process.It is caused primarily by the fact that:

  • cream is convenient to use at home;
  • depilation procedure is painless;
  • depilatory creams do not require large cash expenditures.

Manufacturers offer not only a depilatory cream, and foam.The difference from cream foam procedure is only applied to the skin.The cream is applied to the area of ​​hair removal using a plastic spatula and spray foam is sprayed on the desired area.

Always follow the instructions on the application, which is inside the package.Keep in mind that in different areas of the body different skin sensitivity, so you can use depilatory creams strictly for the specified zone.There are depilatory creams for arms and legs, bikini zone and facial hair removal.

Smooth, clear skin has always been a sign of well-groomed, and depilatory creams, no doubt, it is an indispensable assistant women to achieve a perfect result.