Sunscreens: beautiful tan without harm to health

At the beginning of the last century, tanned skin is one of the main symptoms of low social status.Nowadays the trend is completely opposite.Tanned beauty looking at us from the pages of glossy magazines, advertising bronzed skin.

Despite the beauty of the sun, it is absolutely safe to call it difficult.By -suti, this is a real burn.In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning lamps can cause skin cancer, but it is a serious illness that is almost incurable.That is why do not forget the sunscreen when going to sunbathe.

sunblock.Difficulty choice and usage rules

The first thing you should look for when buying tanning, an index SPF.It shows the extent and the defense of a particular cream or lotion.The higher the score, the more substance protecting from ultraviolet radiation.Sunscreens must select, based on the characteristics of their skin.For those who have it thin and pale by nature, suitable cream with a high SPF.Also, funds with a high level of protection to be used in the first

few days in the sun.

Apply suntan thin layer about 20 minutes before sunbathing.If you go to the beach, you just need a waterproof cream.It protects the skin while bathing in the water.However, this does not relieve you of the need to update the layer of cream after landfall.

Cosmetics for tanning in the sun

We have already talked about the sunblock, but these funds range is not limited to sunscreen cosmetics.In addition to the lotions and creams that prevent severe sunburn, there is also a means of activating it.The particles contained in the cosmetics, can attract the sun's rays and strengthen the bronzed skin.If you are planning holidays in the southern resorts, that a cream can cause serious damage to the skin, because it is only suitable for use in regions with low solar activity.

Also note means after sunburn.Most of them are soothing and moisturizing lotions and tonics on the plant basis.They help relieve irritation, reduce pain and give the skin soft and velvety.

talk a bit about the makeup.Before leaving the house on a sunny day use a concealer with a protective filter.Sunscreens are perfectly combined with your normal makeup.You can apply them under a layer of powder or usual day cream.

Features tanning

If you can not visit the beach, it is easy to get a tan under the lights, and solarium.Sunscreens, which we discussed above, are also suitable for tanning.For even tan activators may be needed, prolongatory and fixers.Trust in the selection of these resources for professionals working in the studio solarium.

Separately should mention the oil for tanning.Some of the girls are trying to replace a special olive oil or sunflower.It's quite a blunder, because the suntan oil - is a whole set of different components (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, cocoa, etc.).The composition of this means includes other UV filters, vitamins, antioxidants.Get the oil well-known manufacturers, and you get a great tan.