Make-up for Halloween with their hands

Despite the fact that the most popular Halloween enjoys in the United States, Russia, too, has adopted the tradition of celebrating Halloween.This day is celebrated in a very original: everyone wear scary masks or impose creepy makeup, such as walking around in the streets and having fun scaring passers-by.

believed that the terrible appearance will scare away evil spirits, which, according to legend, one night a year roam among the living.Little children, using makeup for Halloween, transformed into evil dwarfs, leprechauns and the devil.They are knocking on all doors, which they see themselves demanding sweets.Traditionally, owners of the house have to something to encourage the brightly painted youth.Some people in order to give yourself the maximum similarity with scary monsters, even use the services of professionals who help to make the image as realistic as possible.But in reality, this is not necessary: ​​it is possible to do make-up for Halloween with his hands.

Of course, the usual palett

e of shadows will not do.Regardless of whether you want to appear that night in the form of witches, zombies or some other monster, it would be better to buy in advance akvagrim Halloween.With it, you change your own appearance beyond recognition.At the same time you do not need expensive specialist services: as a rule, all such sets of such "cosmetic" includes a fairly detailed instructions.

Grim Halloween with their hands - it's a great opportunity to feel like a master.Be sure to connect to the process of transformation of their friends and acquaintances with whom you and are going to celebrate this fun and happy holiday.If one of them is more experienced in the art of applying the "beauty", let him help others.Take good care of their appearance, you will provide the expected effect: Meet you on the way people will tremble, seeing firsthand the terrible monster, vampire or witch.

Buy all accessories are in a special store, but better to do it in advance due to the fact that on the eve of the festival prices tend to rise, and the products sold out instantly.Having makeup on Halloween with their hands at least once, in the future you want to celebrate this day constantly reincarnating over and over again in the infernal beings.

If you want to celebrate this event with your family, be sure to connect the children.Kids, like anyone else, have fun and love will be delighted, if you invite them to overnight turn into a suggestive panic beings.Of course, they can not take care of their appearance, so you have to help them.Be sure to leave at the memory of this holiday photo report: reviewing pictures, you'll look forward to the next opportunity to note as much fun Halloween.

If you do not know what to dress up, then look at related sites.Do not be amiss to consult with peers and go shopping: the attributes required for a holiday, including the make-up for Halloween with your hands, you have to be purchased in advance.Do not forget the accompanying details: hair done, dress up in rags and clothes you can sprinkle with red paint to simulate blood.Only then such an image can be considered complete.