What concealer

Concealer - a necessary thing in the beautician, a kind of must-have for all occasions.It helps to hide skin blemishes and even out tone.However, in our country, most women have no idea what a concealer.Moreover, many confuse it with creams.Let's try to answer for what use concealer and that it actually is.

Concealer - he proofreader, the name and easier, and far more accurately reflects the essence of what a concealer.Simply put, this means for the correction of minor skin blemishes.Foundation itself is not able to provide an absolutely perfect even tone and hide circles under the eyes, pigmented age spots, redness.Just as one concealer will not be able to completely replace the tonal foundation and cream.

There are a lot of different concealer - solid, liquid, creamy.Each type kolnsilerov suitable for a certain type of skin.for example, solid concealers well with oily skin, while the creamy better suited for women with dry skin as creamy version will provide the necessary moisture to the skin.Sol

id concealers - a terrific pencils and sticks, while the creamy released in jars that seem like a creamy blush or foundation.Liquid concealers resemble lip gloss.They are very practical and can be used anywhere without brushes and so on.However, liquid concealers have a serious drawback - on the freshly means very fast falls the dust and dirt that can spoil the whole make-up.

to understand what concealer, consider now what color he is.

There is something else that needs attention, if you decide to buy a concealer.Feedback from customers and make-up - that's what you want to study and what to focus.And if you want to use the tool for yourself, then buy a large amount of you do not need, and it is better to do a little jar.According to color theory, there are colors that enhance each other, or vice versa, mute.And there are those which are obtained by mixing a dull gray color.This and the principle of action and selection of concealers.For example, concealer eye, which is intended to hide the circles and swelling must be light purple.The fact is that when applied to the yellow circles of light purple means creates the effect of muted colors.As you know, a neutral color hidden by foundation much easier.

At the same time, in order to hide the dark circles under the eyes, and even bruising best suited orange concealer.Like the violet, it will mute the brightness of a bruise that will ensure a smooth tone.Finally, green concealer is very useful to teenagers and all those who have problems with the skin.It works wonders when it comes to redness.If you want to create the perfect image, features a whole palette of different colors concealers that should be applied strictly to certain areas of the face in order to achieve maximum effect.In essence, such means perform the function of correcting the face.The question of what concealer is inextricably linked with the question of how to apply it.So, it is best to do a small brush made of artificial cloth, instead of fingers.Only by using such a brush can achieve proper spot correction.