Hair mask with pepper tincture: Recipes and features of Use

What associations do you have with the word "pepper"?Surely, you visualize something burning, hot and spicy.Yes, the pepper is good in moderation, and some can not tolerate it at all.But did you know that it is widely used not only in cooking but also in cosmetics?For example, the hair mask with pepper tincture is able to literally perform miracles, accelerating the growth of head of hair into two, or even four centimeters per month.But let's look at the first.

So, hair mask with pepper tincture always come to the rescue.Not only in those cases when you decide to make the curls more strong and powerful, but also in those, when you, alas, notice thinning and hair loss.Return to the former head of hair density also helps hair mask with pepper tincture.

Of course, you can not wait to unravel the secret of this wonderful in all aspects of the plant.But in fact, the mechanism of its action is very simple.Pepper - is not only the vitamins contained in it and directly affect the skin.This is primarily i

ts ability to stimulate blood circulation, expanding the pores, thereby allowing oxygen to penetrate so needed the hair follicles.Actually, it was because of these stimulating properties, it became one of the leaders in numerous hair mask.

Now let's see, what should be the ideal hair mask with pepper tincture.

Remember the cardinal rule - peppers must be diluted.It is necessary, as the use of a tincture itself can cause skin burns and allergic reactions.In addition, if the skin has scratches and abrasions, then ... I think, you should not continue, you have to imagine what will be feeling?Of course, in this case the mask with pepper tincture should wait until the complete healing of the skin.

In any case, it is strongly recommended to do it 1-2 times a week, so as not to irritate the skin excessively.The last caveat: if your blond locks, such a remedy - a mask of red pepper - give them a reddish hue.

And now, if you take into account all the warnings listed above, you can proceed directly to the most magical effect on turning hair in a lush and healthy tresses.

first recipe is quite simple: Mix in a ratio of 1: 1 tincture of pepper and castor oil.Then apply the mixture on the hair and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.Castor oil can be replaced by any oil that is at hand - burdock, olive, sunflower, linseed, etc.

second recipe: in a glass of yogurt (about 200 ml), add 2 tablespoons of liqueur and apply for 15-20 minutes on the hair.This mask makes hair silky and get rid of dandruff (this is a unique property of yogurt).

Of course, if you start this method to strengthen and stimulate hair growth for the first time, be sure to check your skin sensitivity.Apply a little money on the skin near the elbow.If after a few minutes there was no burning or itching, you can safely apply the means and on the scalp!