What is a mineral powder

Mineral powder contains natural ingredients.It is hypoallergenic and does not harm the skin.Thanks to its special composition, it does not cause irritation and flaking.Here is a list of some components of a powder:

  • titanium dioxide hiding minor flaws, as well as moisturizing the skin;
  • boron nitride, which gives a soft glow;
  • iron oxide, creates a natural tone;
  • aluminosilicate, reflective and gives the skin a silky;
  • zinc oxide, which has antiseptic properties and sunscreen.

Mineral powder does not clog pores, so it can be used after peeling.In mineral No restrictions on use.This is an excellent makeup base, gives the skin a matte finish, glow, volume, hide flaws and gives a healthy, natural look.

excess sebum absorbed natural ingredients, so your face does not look fat.In addition, it prevents the emergence of foci of infections that can occur in an environment of skin secretions.

Mineral powder for oily skin is a great solution.The skin breathes, heals.When applying mineral foundations th

ere is no risk of bacterial growth.This is important for people who have oily or problem skin.

coloring matter powder does not harm the skin, because they are natural pigments.Aromatic substances in such powder is not used.

How to apply mineral powder?Here are some guidelines:

  1. First you need to use a moisturizer for the face.
  2. take on the brush means a little less ordinary powder as mineral foundation denser.Use a special brush with rounded edges and soft pile.
  3. choose for themselves a lighter shade than usual, because the mineral elements in the air can oxidize and change color slightly.
  4. After applying mineral foundations sprinkle the skin with cool water and push her napkin: it will help evenly distribute the powder.
  5. Regularly wash your sponge brush, and - that you protect yourself against the growth of bacteria.

Mineral powder will make a quick makeup for all occasions.It has an excellent toning, hides wrinkles, gives a feeling of freshness and lightness.It is convenient to apply blush.Makeup does not crumble, it will not need periodically to correct.

Mineral powder, consumer reviews:

  1. summer I tried mineral powder as no longer know what to do with the ever-bold face.The effect is stunning - a smooth, matte and no greasy gloss.Now I will always use it.
  2. My girlfriend gave me a mineral powder.Becoming use it, I noticed that my face was much less acne.Powder not penetrate into the pores, so the skin breathe.The feeling of lightness.I liked it very much.
  3. Once in the store I bought the mineral powder (there was some action).Going to work, quickly struck.The mirror showed me how radiant and beautiful was my face.Excellent cosmetics.

Now women walking in step with the times, trying to use new cosmetics because they understand that skin health is priceless.A mineral powder, being in their purse again, and stays there forever.After all, it emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of masks, it does not harm the skin, but rather heals.Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive and can be available to all women.