Rose oil at home.

Rose - not just the queen of the garden, it is not regarded for centuries as an effective healer and perfumer.Rose water and ointments used in ancient Persia, Egypt, India, and with the opening of the way to these countries conquered Europe.Modern science, cosmetics and medical, made a lot of new discoveries, but rose oil does not lose its popularity.It is actively used in perfume compositions, it is a part of nutritional and regenerating creams and masks.

Rose oil contains a lot of minerals and vitamins: K, P, B, E, PP, B1, which feed the cells and produce a rejuvenating effect.The aromatic component of the oil has a calming effect on the nervous system, is an aphrodisiac.The demand for the product and the need for large quantities of raw materials for its production defines a relatively high price of oil.

Can rose oil to cook at home?There is a way to get from the petals of a valuable balm.And useful properties are not inferior to the home version of industrial designs.It is readily soluble in ot

her oils, so you need to prepare rose oil olive.Better to take refined to not mix scents.

Cooking rose oil can be hot and cold.For the first method you will need a large number of right-lobe fragrant roses.Into three petals should take one part oil, mixed in a glass container and left for infusion in a dark place.After 3 weeks, drain the petals and the oil in a tightly closed bottle stored in the refrigerator.

hot lets you add petals in several stages.A glass of olive oil is heated to a temperature of 50 degrees.Then you need to add as many as petals and leave for 2-3 days in a warm place.Strain, discard the petals fall asleep and fresh, pre-heated oil again.So repeat 5-10 times, with each procedure flavor will intensify.Keep refrigerated.

The structure of many domestic creams and masks include rose oil.Its use is quite wide.First of all, the oil has a beneficial effect on the skin of the body, making it soft and velvety, heals small cracks and relieves irritation.Add a few drops of good curd in any face or body lotion mixed with the same amount of rose oil and apply the mixture to damp skin after bathing.

rose oil is applied to the hair, it restores the hair follicle and prevents drying curl against hot jet dryer or sun.Having prepared his own home or bought in the store the oil, you can always treat the hair benefit agent.This does not require any special procedures.Suffice it while washing the hair add a few drops in the portion of shampoo, and after - in balm rinse.During the action of balsam oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and steaming wet hair.

If rebellious hair and hairstyle requires smoothness, you can drop a little of rose oil in the palm, rub your palms and hold hair.They soften and gain brilliance.For the treatment of hair loss and restoration of the rose oil is added to the castor or burdock in equal proportions.This mixture should be rubbed into the scalp and left on for 30-40 minutes.Then wash with regular shampoo.