Legacy of Ancient East antimony for the eyes

What tricks did not go the beauty of the ancient East, Egypt, Greece and Rome, to emphasize the expressiveness of his eyes, the look give depth and magnetism, magical expressive brilliance and velvety!As the cosmetics they used what nature provided: the juices of plants, wood ash, some minerals.The special popularity was antimony - because it produced paint painted eyes and eyebrows.In fact, it was the first eyeliner, which was used more for three thousand years BC.

Antimony eye was part of a special care for lashes.As an integral component of it also included mutton fat and almond oil, usma and Basma, as well as proper and antimony.Thin stick of wood on the edge of the tool was applied to the eyelashes.Thus, antimony eye served as a decorative role and therapeutic.

And even in Russia, far from the old days it was decided Goldfinch "Surma", ieblack eyebrows.This custom was adopted rusichi from the Turks, as well as the word itself.It is in the Turkic language "Suremain" and meant "to blacken the ey


and beautiful, and we are treated!

That antimony to the eye and perfect for the treatment, do not forget to modern cosmetology, actively including it as one of the ingredients in mascara, eye shadow, pencils.Almost all popular brands and young manufacturers of cosmetic and medical-cosmetic industry created a whole line of products with the use of this raw material.For example, a powdery agent, if they paint the eyes at night (as if you had applied to eyelids nourishing night cream), removes redness and fatigue, improves vision, activates the growth of eyelashes.This antimony to the eye increases the pigmentation of the iris pupil - the color becomes more vivid, saturated, and look - more expressive.Use powder can be regularly and quite a long time.And in the morning, "war paint" can be easily removed with soap, foam or any other cleanser.

To make a real make-up in oriental style (remember, like Cleopatra, or, for example, of the Jade series "Clone"), perfectly suitable antimony almond oil and Basma.Natural cosmetics in this case also perform the dual role of medicinal and decorative.The texture resembles liquid shadows, soft and smooth, homogeneous.Thanks to almond oil skin of the eyelids and the brow arches are getting the right nutrition and hydration, and the eyes themselves seem visually larger and more beautiful.Basma also provides power to the lashes, making them denser, accelerating growth.Make-up is obtained through means very spectacular!More

one cosmetic product - antimony in the form of a pencil on the basis of the same olive oil.This pencil is ideal for day and for evening makeup.Liner made them does not spread, it's great falls on the skin and for a long time retains its original color saturation.His eyes become moist expressive brilliance.In addition, antimony pencil eye causes positive reviews as a curative.For this purpose, it may be fruitful to apply not only to the ladies with a swarthy complexion, but blonde.Removed the remnants of the skin with any cleanser.

Finally, we should mention such a beautiful medicinal products for the eyes, as antimony with camphor and plant extracts.It is intended to relieve the symptoms of fatigue and is especially useful to people whose everyday work is connected with a heavy load on the eyes: the teachers, the people of intellectual labor, a lot of time working on the computer, etc.The therapeutic effect of antimony is doubled thanks to the extract of Indian gooseberry, a well-known medicinal properties.Almond same camphor calming effect on the mucous membrane of the eye.As a result, removed edemas, brighten dark circles under the eyes, the redness disappears.The look becomes more vivid, clearer vision.

Truly amazing tool we have inherited from our ancestors!