Cosmetic series "Vichy Normaderm".

cosmetics "Vichy" has long enjoyed strong demand.Today we will speak about her series of products for problem skin "Normaderm".The manufacturer promises that when using this series of healthy skin will literally over the last month: Its terrain is more even, and all the imperfections disappear almost completely.Use of this product may be both women and men of any age.Is helping "Vichy Normaderm" consumer reviews tell more objectively.

That's what a good say those who used the gel with exfoliating microbeads of this series.First of all, the girl who answered this tool, in one voice say that it smells great, great skrabiruet skin without damaging it, matting, reduces pores.Also, the gel sufficiently economical, it lacks a long time.The skin after application becomes perfectly Gorny and silky to the touch.However, women who did not fit the gel "Normaderm Vichy 'reviews not show partiality.Among others mentioned excessive density means of which it is difficult to apply on the face and badly washed off.A

lso, some complained that the skin problems became more than before using this product.Furthermore, it was noted that the microgranules are too large and scratch the skin.

Next, consider what they say about moisturizer "Vichy Normaderm" reviews shoppers.So, those who walked this product, saying that "works" it is well: the skin moisturized, defects gradually pass, the person becomes less fat and shiny.Among the negative comments it is clear that this means very badly applied, slides and any effect from it absolutely is not.Tint on top of this cream is almost do not lie.Moreover, it often causes all sorts of allergic reactions and rashes.

Next in line is a two-phase fluid to remove eye make-up "Vichy Normaderm".Responses about it a greater degree of positive, negative, virtually none.This fluid removes make-up very gently and quickly, suitable even for sensitive eyes.No discomfort or redness, it does not cause, in addition, it takes care of the eyelashes.Most of the girls noted that the cilia do not fall after wiped his eyes with a cotton pad soaked in this liquid.The only negative, which was mentioned - is buttery texture means that not everyone likes.So often it is washed with water, although the manufacturer says it is not necessary to do.

Now consider thermal vodichku from "Vichy Normaderm".Responses about it is also quite positive.It moisturizes, refreshes and gives the face look healthier.It is recommended to use in the summer when it's hot.Even if you splash it on your face make-up, it does not deteriorate and will not flow, and on the skin for a long time will remain a feeling of coolness.

Finally draw attention to the innovative Tri-Activ Cream from "Vichy Normaderm".Reviews about it speak for itself.On the skin of some women it operates as it should: take medical treatment acne, moisturizes, removes blackheads, matting.Others have rolled, creates the feeling of a thin film on the face and with the stated skin problems did not fight.