Perfume, toilet water or perfumed - on what to choose?

Perhaps each of us is experiencing some difficulties associated with the choice of perfume for everyday use.On what flavor to choose?What kind of perfume to give a preference?Let us consider the last question in more detail.Perfumes, eau de parfum and toilet have their own characteristics and differences, which we will discuss in this article.

above types of perfumes have almost the same composition, based on the alcohol, water and aromatic concentrate.In addition, they include antioxidants and colorants, but no effect on the aroma, they do not provide.


is the most concentrated and persistent views of perfumes, which explains their high cost.They are preferably used in the evening and in cold weather - this is due to their clearly marked loop.In hot weather it is worth to use less concentrated means, such as a toilet or eau de parfum.The concentration of the essential oils in the perfume is from 15 to 30%, which is quite high.Fragrance retains its resistance over 5 hours and kept on a c

otton cloth of 30 hours.


Perfume - is a kind of perfume with a perfect balance of price and quality.Created especially for the business woman, she has an unobtrusive flavor and is quite suitable for use during working hours.It occupies a middle position between the toilet water and perfume.The level of concentration of fragrant substances reaches 12-20%.Perfume can be used throughout the day, thereby is the second name of "day spirits."The aroma is retained approximately 5-7 hours.However, excessive use of in the morning will help keep the smell of the whole day.Keep in mind that the application of eau de parfum pearls, silk and fur contraindicated.

Eau de Toilette

One of the easiest kinds of perfumes, best suited for use throughout the day, and during recreation and training.The hot climate and will not be a hindrance to its application.However, the toilet water is assumed to be a frequent application, because the smell lasts only 2-3 hours.The surprising fact is that the rich aroma and shade depends on the individual person.For someone eau de toilette lasts longer, the other disappears much faster.

worth noting that a great addition to the perfume will be a variety of means to care for skin and body, which have the same flavor.These include a variety of gels, sprays, foam or jelly.They help maintain the stability of the smell throughout the day.

Thus, the question of which is better, eau de parfum or perfume, can not give an unambiguous answer.It depends on the situation and time of application.Eau de toilette, despite the low concentration of aromatic substances, can also be a viable alternative.Based on the characteristics of a particular type of perfume, you can choose for themselves the most appropriate option.