The mask for dry skin - the best remedy for wrinkles.

In his youth, dry skin alone has dignity - no greasy, velvety and almost invisible pores.But only with time it begins to be taken seriously, and regular maintenance.And if this is not done on the skin will appear frequent irritation, excessive dryness and the appearance of early wrinkles.
main cause dryness - the poor performance of the sebaceous glands.As a result, it produces less fat, which maintains elasticity prevents drying and protects against harmful factors.Up to twenty years, the lack of fat is not so noticeable, but after this period the production of fat is reduced more and more.Therefore, if the skin is dry you should as soon as possible to begin to look after it and regularly moisturize.For example, the mask for dry skin is not only moisturizes but also nourishes.Consider some of the most effective recipes for skin hydration.They are powered and recovery, and this is just what we need.

mask for dry skin with cream cheese.
teaspoon of honey is heated on a water bath, put together with a

tablespoon of cottage cheese and mix thoroughly.If the mask is a thick, add the warm milk a little.The resulting mass is applied on the face, waiting for fifteen minutes and rinsed with warm waters.
If there is a strong skin peeling, you can proceed as follows: mix a spoonful of cottage cheese (fat) milk with a spoon, pour a little oil and salt all.Thoroughly mix all carefully put on the face, hold for fifteen minutes and wash off.

mask for dry skin from flax seed
spoonful of seeds pour boiling water, put on a little fire and boil until a viscous liquid paste.Let cool and the resulting mixture was put on face.This mask is perfectly struggling with peeling on the face and makes it much softer.

face mask for dry skin at home.
Take all that is at hand.Chasing expensive creams, we do not even notice what a pantry is a useful product in our kitchen.

mask for dry skin with yolk
mix one egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and vegetable oil.Gently stir and apply a thick layer on cleansed face.We are waiting for fifteen minutes and wash off.

mask for dry skin yeast .A small pack of yeast
divorce in a tablespoon of milk and add a spoonful of oil (olive).The mask is applied for fifteen minutes and wash off thoroughly.

Carrot Mask
one large carrot rub on a fine grater, put a spoonful of sour cream and stir.Applied to the skin, leave on for fifteen minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

moisturizing mask for dry skin

mask water - the easiest and very effective.
Take a piece of gauze, moisten it with warm water, gently squeeze and put on for twenty minutes on the face.Mask beautifully softens and moisturizes.

Mask oil
Take two tablespoons of warm vegetable oil and impregnate them a piece of gauze.Impose a gauze on the face, top cover, and then compress paper towel.Oil, which is not absorbed, remove the cloth.

Honey tea mask
Two tablespoons of honey, mix with a spoon is very strong welding, add two tablespoons of ground oatmeal and mix.If the mask is thickish, you can pour a little water and warm water bath.The warm mixture is applied to the face and cover with a cloth first, and then with a towel.Keeping twenty minutes and wash off.

Remember that masks should only be used freshly prepared and of course a good mood.
Recipes masks are very simple, and you always find some time for skin care.After a few applications, you will see how your skin is visibly transformed and become more healthy and - really beautiful.