Olive oil for skin care at home

Olive oil is very good for the skin and hair.Since ancient times, it enjoyed a unique product in Greece.Now it is available to everyone.

What useful olive oil for skin, hair?

Firstly, it contains vitamins: A, D, E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as macro- and microelements.Secondly, it has a moisturizing and softening effect and thus helps to get rid of peeling and irritation.Thirdly, it heals wounds, aids in skin burns.Fourth, olive oil - antioxidant, rescues the skin from aging.

olive oil is made from olives that have long been used to treat various diseases.This also due to its healing properties.

Olive oil for skin

We all know how delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.She needs special care, which is able to provide olive oil.Apply it in the form of heat to the skin around the eyes, gently rub, patting with fingertips.Then it is recommended to take a horizontal position and relax.While in this state takes about half an hour.After remove excess oil with a napkin.

this oil well to wipe the face to remove makeup.That is, it cleanses the skin.It is advisable to apply the oil in a heated state, then leave it on the skin for ten minutes and rinse.

To cleanse the skin can be cooked cucumber lotion with olive oil, add a teaspoon of baking soda and a little rose water.Keep the tool is not worth more than three days.Apply it on your face you need a minute or two, then rinse.This lotion can be used for all skin types, but for oily skin is better to prepare the lemon lotion.It is prepared in the same way but instead use lemon cucumber juice.

can cook and masks, have a tonic effect.

Face Mask with olive oil

mask 1. Ingredients: olive oil, carrot juice, lemon juice, sour cream.Take one teaspoon of each component.Thoroughly mix, add the yeast in the amount of one tablespoon.The mask is applied on the skin for fifteen minutes, then wash off with cool water.

Mask 2. Gives freshness of the skin.To prepare it, you need to mix the olive oil, honey and chopped mint.All components take a spoonful.The resulting mixture was put on the face for ten minutes, then rinse.

Mask 3. To give healthy color face.Dissolve cosmetic clay in water, add the olive oil.Apply to the skin.Soaking the face for fifteen minutes, and can be washed off.

mask 4. It eliminates wrinkles.It should be mixed in equal proportions lemon juice and olive oil.Apply on skin for fifteen minutes.

Olive oil acne

Yes, olive oil is one of the food, get rid of acne.These products include: clean water, olive oil, green tea, wheat, nuts, meat and fish.

recommended to use olive oil for cooking.This product is unique, cleanses the skin and keeps it in a healthy state.It is a supplier of essential fatty acids.

olive oil for the skin, porous, problem

mask is prepared as follows: mix the following ingredients: half a teaspoon of boric acid, a tablespoon of olive oil and the same amount of glycerol, two tablespoons of beeswax, a piece of lemon and cucumber.All components mix in a water bath (cucumber and a lemon mince previously).This mask should be stored in the refrigerator, so that it has not deteriorated and has not lost its properties.For oily skin with acne should use this mask three times a week.Apply half an hour, then wash off.It removes inflammation, can help narrow the enlarged pores.

So, face masks have a beneficial effect on the skin.Moreover, if the time to time mask will notice their miraculous effect.According to the make-up, good make-up is impossible without first nourishing mask.As a major component of care products olive oil is recommended.Olive oil for the skin, so what can I say, the whole body is a versatile tool.