Ingrown hairs on legs - how to fight them?

a beautiful, slender, and most importantly, well-groomed smooth legs every woman dreams of.Which just means not being used to achieve the desired effect - wax, epilator, razor ... the list goes on and on.However, regular removal of unwanted hair becomes relevant is another problem - ingrown hairs on the legs that can spoil the mood of any young lady.

Usually, such situations occur when hair removal carried out at home.When properly conducted procedure hair breaks off, and part of it is under the skin.Continuing to grow hair causes irritation, inflammation or even stains.In the context of salon hair removal risk of this problem is reduced.Wizard removes hair with the hair bulb, the right angle, using the required caring and cosmetics.However, not everyone can afford such procedures.

How to conduct hair removal at home?

  • sure to treat the skin with an alcohol or another antiseptic lotion.
  • When shaving to remove hair in the direction of their growth, with wax depilation - against.Please be uncom
    fortable, but over time will become much easier.
  • again treat skin disinfectants.
  • Use emollient after hair removal.
  • regularly use means that soften the skin and slow down the growth of hair.

How to remove ingrown hairs on the legs?

first need to thoroughly clean the skin of old dead skin cells with the help of a good hard scrub.Its structure should be sufficiently thick, cream-like or paste - liquid agent will have a very minor effect.Use a scrub is recommended before each treatment hair removal (with prior rasparivaniem skin), as well as 2-3 times a week as needed.

In addition, in order to remove the ingrown hair on the legs, require a thin needle, tweezers and alcohol.After using the scrub must be thoroughly dry the skin, then gently pick up a needle (of course, disinfected) ingrown hairs and pull them out with tweezers.Place ingrowth processed with alcohol or antiseptic.

followed by hair removal procedure.According to popular belief it is necessary to remove the hair against the growth of hair.However, cosmetologists say that in this case, ingrown hairs become even more - so removal should take place in the direction of growth, and not vice versa.

After the procedure, hair removal is necessary to process the skin with an alcohol solution.Perfect calendula tincture - it simultaneously removes pus and inflammation, promotes rapid healing of wounds, disinfects.It is a remedy for ingrown hair can be purchased at any drug store for a very affordable price.

To traces of ingrown hairs disappeared as quickly as possible, you want to speed up the regeneration of the skin at the desired site.For example, using a gel or ointment badyagoy.When rubbing the tool comes redness and irritation of the skin, resulting in stagnant spots and sores due to a rush of blood, dissolve very quickly.Despite the fact that badyaga - a very effective remedy against ingrown hairs, it should be used with caution.If excessive use, it can cause discomfort and dryness of the skin without passing over several days.

If the same problem like ingrown hairs on the legs have a permanent character, the most reliable solution is to change its method of hair removal.The most popular method is considered to be waxing - thanks to this procedure, hairs not only start to grow slowly, but become lighter and softer.