In the technique kanzashi rose - a great hair ornament

Made in technology kanzashi roses are the traditional women's hair ornaments.The fashion for them was born about three hundred years ago in Japan.If the other countries on the hair decorations are not regulated, in this oriental country like wearing of artificial flowers, combs, pins and hairpins, strictly formalized.They correspond to the age and social status of the wearer.To make their own jewelery technique kanzashi - roses - need satin ribbon with a width of 50 mm, scissors, chalk, or tailor's pencil, a pair of tweezers with a broad area of ​​the clip, adhesive gel "Moment" or tissue glue, feathers, beads, rhinestones, sequins, beadsand other decor.With just happens rose of satin ribbons.Master-class on making these ornaments - in this article.

preliminary marking

of fabric, which is available, you need to cut into six or eight squares (50 × 50 mm).The best thing to do is get out of satin ribbons.For the other stuff you need to do a preliminary layout with a pencil and a ruler.Then carefull

y cut out the squares.If the material is inconvenient to work, it pours heavily, you can use candles or lighters carefully oplavit edge details.After that is taken one box and folded in half so that a triangle.The blank is held with tweezers or nimble fingers of the right angle so that it is rotated in the direction of the holder.For convenience, you can call the central angle.Sharp corners remaining in the triangle are connected to the central.

inflorescence petals

to harvesting did not crumble, place the spikes fixed angle pin.The resulting piece is flipped.The side corners are bent towards the center (middle), the blank is folded along the axis.Wrapped corners will be placed inside the part.Bonded pin edge cut (about ten mm).Candle or a lighter thread gently melted.For each layer of material held together, slice clamped firmly with your fingers or tweezers.The resulting tab is turned face toward you and gently straightened.Similarly to finish the rest of the petals.With needle and thread each petal udavshiysya collected in inflorescence.

Decoration Flower

Now you can start decorating the flower.In the center is sewn or glued bead original LIKE button or any accessories.So masked location where parts are joined.Directly petals in the technique kanzashi roses decorated with sequins, beads, sequins and other decorative elements.After that the flower is ready.We can only paste it to invisibility, pins or studs.To do this appropriately applied adhesive that hardens quickly.He should not leave any traces on the fabric, but must hold fast - so that the product can later be erased.That figure out how to do kanzashi, masterclass completed.Having mastered this method, you can create real masterpieces of the petals of different sizes, pleasing yourself and loved ones.It is worth noting that this is not the only method to perform kanzashi petals.There are plenty of them.But this is the most simple and basic.To made the technique kanzashi roses last longer, you need to sprinkle them lightly with hairspray.