How to choose the fixtures for the bathroom

Bathroom - is primarily a place of relaxation, so its design should be as harmonious.Particular attention should be paid to the choice of design lighting.The standard apartment is a room usually has no windows.And so the fixtures for the bathroom must be chosen so as to arrange the brightest and at the same time dramatic lighting.So you can make the room functional and at the same time cozy.

Nowadays produced very different equipment, which is perfect for the room.If used for decoration or suspended ceilings, a great choice would be recessed fixtures for the bathroom.This can be a halogen or LED dot equipment.In this case, it is usually placed around the room.Since the bathroom - a small room, this option is often used as the main lighting.If desired, you can install such devices under the eaves.In this case, the room will look taller.

If this option is not suitable hosts, you can pick up a beautiful ceiling equipment.Such devices can be mounted on a concrete base.Fixtures for the bathroom ceilin

g is usually equipped with shades (one or more) with frosted glass.Therefore, they give not tire the eyes, a pleasant diffused light.For this room it can be a perfect option.Such devices are also often used as a main lighting equipment.

bad to highlight and a mirror.For this purpose, most commonly used conventional fixtures for the bathroom wall sconces or with incandescent bulbs.Halogen bluff give more light and a little distort the color of fluorescent objects.Typically such equipment is mounted, or on both sides of the mirror, or hanging above it.

course, its technical characteristics for bathroom fixtures differ from devices intended for, say, the living room or bedroom.After all, they have to be the most resistant to moisture.Currently available lighting devices of different classes of protection.Check the degree of moisture resistance equipment can labeling (on the second digit).

If the lamp is marked with the number 0, so use it in wet areas can not be in any case.Equipment marked with numbers from 1 to 4 can be mounted where the contact is likely to spray it.Fixtures with the number 5 without harm to themselves suffer the impact of water jets.The equipment is marked with six, maybe even for a little while submerged under the water.Thus, it is best to buy bathroom fixtures for marked numbers 4 or 5.

course, the equipment must be chosen so that it is as much as possible in harmony with the interior premises.Today, these fixtures are available of different design.So if you want the most appropriate option would be quite easy to pick.

Thus, when buying a lamp for the bathroom, you must first decide on its design features, pay attention to the specifications, as well as design.In this case, you can purchase equipment that will last long and will be a real decoration of the premises.