Turkish rug sophistication and exoticism

Modern trends in interior design such that many aspire to bring it some exotic features.And not necessarily look for that some rare and original decorative elements throughout the world.Enough to buy a Turkish rug, and your apartment will be transformed beyond recognition, because this luxury item has a long history and culture.

Back to basics

Amazing beautiful ornaments that adorn the carpets from this mysterious country, dazzling reasonableness of each detail.But first products were woven by the ancient nomadic tribes that lived in what is now central Asia.The oldest Turkish carpet dates from XIII century and today is kept in the Museum of Turkish and Istanbul Art in Istanbul.Distinctive features of these products - in complex pattern with geometric figures and arabesques.As is well known, was the center of Turkish carpet weaving manufactory in Istanbul, which is created on the orders of the Sultan.There woven fabric based on silk and wool.

What and what?

In ancient times the weaving w

as generally a matter of life many Turkish women.And to this day in many homes remained looms with which to make various textile products.So, Turkish carpets, wool is an attractive, so they are in demand by customers around the world.As for colors, they can be very different, but the main one is purple, blue, red and small blotches of green and yellow.Previously, all the dyes were natural base: for shades of red or orange used madder root, and with infusion of walnut could get a thread of black or brown.And only in the middle of the XIX century to invent synthetic dyes with greater resistance.

Turkish carpet: what attracts buyers?

Firstly, these products have a distinctive design.Second, different strength and durability, which has long been appreciated by many buyers.Third, only the Turkish carpet weaving technique is used under the name "Turkish double knot."Fourth, all the carpets are different in appearance, which depends on the region where it was created, and methods of manufacture.Carpet Connoisseurs know that the most famous weaving centers in Turkey are the regions of Kayseri, Hereke, Konya and Kula.In Kayseri produce carpets of wool, cotton, silk and even with fiber-like composition of viscose.A Hereke Turkish carpets are made with a long-haired or short based on natural silk, which comes from Bursa.It is noteworthy that each product is one million knots made with great care and precision.

complex patterns and ornaments, exquisite combination of colors, tuned for centuries, the use of natural colors - all this makes every Turkish carpet quality and beautiful.Incidentally, according to the Asian tradition of carpets adorn most of the walls, and only then the floor.