Ornaments and patterns on the dishes: types and features

tradition to decorate the dishes various patterns come more from ancient times, while it was put in a separate cupboard, that was a sign of status and wealth owner of the house.Previously, as a painting using different images on pastoral themes, flowers, and today it is easy to find kitchen utensils with images of Spider-Man and the characters of "Star Wars."

ornaments and patterns on the dishes: it was that was

As a rule, the modern kitchen you can find dishes for every taste.With regard to, for example, dishes, then they are made mainly ascetic - i.e. in white color and with a minimum amount of drawing.Moreover, the basic pattern is usually falls on the edges, whereas the central part is blank.A work of art can be considered as ceramic and porcelain products.For where artists give free rein to his irrepressible imagination, because patterns and ornaments on the dishes of these materials are dazzling.Such decoration looks very luxurious, elegant, so are able to decorate any cabinet or pedestal.In

addition, they can be used to create a certain style in the room.As a rule, the main color of the plates, saucers selected pastel shades.Against this background of laconic impressive look bright and eye-catching multi-colored patterns.

However, due to the fact that the porcelain was quite expensive, masters from different countries began to reflect on how to make utensils, thinking through ornament and pattern on the dishes.For craftsmen of Gzhel created a unique style of painting, which was dominated by images of flowers, birds, animals.By the way, Gzhel porcelain got his start in the suburbs, where in ancient times was a well-developed pottery.Over time, the masters Gzhel managed to improve their skills and are now manufactured products are characterized by a combination of blue pattern on a white background.

Modern trends

very popular today Japanese technique of ceramic manufacture items for the kitchen, which is a distinctive feature of ornament and pattern on the dishes.Perhaps this is the only country that offers its products to a sophisticated combination of simplicity and elegance, and with the unique design.This cookware is toyiki and yakimono today demand all over the world, but few people know that originally they were made of stone, earth, clay and then covered with frosting.But the Japanese masters were able to carry through the centuries the main tradition - the use of characteristic for the old traditional motifs and colors.

However, most buyers are still pressing glassware, which can be so interesting pattern on the bowl (pictures confirm it) that they can be safely put on the festive table.In addition, this cookware is good because it is durable, easy to clean and economical in terms of cost.In a separate group include baby dishes, which may be made of glass, plastic and even ceramics and thus to have a pattern and pattern.The dishes they look very bright and spectacular, and most importantly, these figures are completely safe for the health of the child.

painting, floral designs, geometric motifs and traditions of East and West - all this is quite possible to find on a modern container.