Water trap for wine: the purpose of the device, and

One of the stages of cooking drink wine at home is a period of rapid mash fermentation, the wine is, the source of the material.In this process, enzymes that yeast secrete actively promote conversion of the sugar into alcohol.Thus there is a rapid release of carbon dioxide and other substances, including aromatic.In order to prevent the ingress of oxygen into the mash on the container neck wear water trap for wine, which is one of the varieties of fermentation tongue.

The need for

it possible to dispense with this device?According to experts, in the initial stage of rapid fermentation shutter for wine or as it is sometimes called, fermentation tongue is not so necessary.At this stage, intensive emitted from the actively fermenting wine material carbon dioxide simply does not allow outside air to reach the surface of the wort.The pressure that it creates at the exit of the neck, protects the product from the oxidation process, which under unfavorable conditions can easily lead to the formation

of acetic acid.Nevertheless, in order to reduce the risk of violations of technology and prepare really quality wine, water seal is best applied to the first days of fermentation.This will keep the must from acetic acidification in the case if, instead of pure yeast were used wild yeasts that are on the skin of the berries.

Recommendations for manufacturing

In order to build a water seal for wine, you can use a rubber tube about two feet in length and a diameter of 0.5-0.8 cm. The first end is passed through the cortical, wooden or rubber stopper in such a waythat it took 10-15 mm into the bottle, and the second placed in any vessel (e.g., a conventional glass) which is filled with cold water.The plug should fit snugly to the neck, and between the tube and the opening should not be gaps.To make the design integrity is typically used melted wax or clay.If the economy does not find a suitable pipes and tubes, for the manufacture of water valve system can also be used for blood transfusions (available at any pharmacy).Thick needle pierced the cap, which closes a container of wine materials, and the other end is placed in a jar of water.

alternative solution

If necessary water seal for wine can be replaced by improvised means.This is allowed in cases where, instead of a weak table wine is preparing a strong and sweet at the same time, use a clean wine yeast.Thus, the water seal for wine can be replaced by tightly covering the neck of a cotton plug, and if the process is fermentation in oak barrels, the outlet and completely covered with grape leaf.In addition, the home sometimes used flat glass plate.When the carbon dioxide pressure is too strong, it lifts the releasing gas out and then lowered again and does not allow air to get inside.