How to sterilize jars correctly

Pickles and preserves for the winter harvest many.Of course, so that they stood for a long time, it is necessary to properly prepare the container.To learn how to sterilize jars for harvesting, we describe in this article.

The matter is quite simple.It is only necessary to perform all the steps carefully and gently as possible.There are some simple ways to achieve the destruction of microbes on the glassware.So, how to sterilize the jars without using any additional equipment quickly and efficiently?Most often, the hostess practice the most reliable and easy way - on a gas stove.First, of course, the banks should be thoroughly rinsed with water.You can pre-add it as soda bottles and soak for a few minutes.

Then take a large pot and fill it with water by about a third.You can put on the bottom of a special grille.Then set the pan clean jars down necks.Thereafter include gas and water is boiled for 10 - 15 min.The grid needs to boil when banks do not collide with each other and do not crash.Roll them

vegetables or fruit is desirable immediately after drying.Except the cans to be sterilized and a lid.For this purpose, a metallic cup (preferably enameled) poured little water, put the lid and boiled for 2-3 minutes.Longer impossible, as overheating can deform the sealing rubber ring.

How to sterilize jars in the oven

It's also not too complicated a way familiar to many hostesses.In that case, if you have an oven with a temperature controller, it will certainly be the most convenient for you.The fact that with such equipment can be sterilized several cans.The oven should be heated up to 100 degrees.At higher temperatures the glass container may burst.Further, the banks put on the grill.If they are wet, you should set up their necks.So it has time to evaporate the water.Dry the dishes can be placed upside down.The bank is located in the oven should be about 15-20 minutes.During this time all the unwanted microorganisms are killed.It is best to leave the banks turned off the oven to cool.

How to sterilize jars in the microwave

This method is also very useful and often practiced by hostesses.It may be less that not every container enters the microwave oven.However, if necessary, three- and two-liter jars can be put into one side, a pre-poured into them a little water.Warming up the dishes for about 2-3 minutes after boiling the water, the level of which should be approximately 1 cm.

How can sterilize the jars using a special pan with a lid

Currently, the store you can buy a special cover for pots intended for sterilizationglass containers.Options sold with holes of different diameters.To use this type of equipment is very easy.You just have to pour water into the pan, cover and put the jar on the hole.Sterilization was about 15 minutes.Then, as usual, the bank is removed and put on a dry towel.

So now you know how to properly sterilize the jars for pickles and jams.Using one of the methods described above, you insure yourself against such troubles as blurred brine or spontaneous opening of covers during storage.