In anticipation of happiness, 36 weeks of pregnancy

There was 36 weeks pregnant woman feeling somewhat changed since the end of the third trimester is marked by an increase in the load on the body.As the uterus takes up more space, so the difficult process of respiration and digestion.During this time, many women begin to equip the corner for the unborn child.

36 weeks of pregnancy falls the period of active development of all systems of the fetus starting with the nervous and immune system ending, ended the formation of the heart, the skin became smooth.Skull baby remains soft so that the child could be born safely.He now weighs about 2300 grams and height of forty-five centimeters.

can say that the fetus at 36 weeks' gestation, less active, since almost no space for its movements, but the child continues to commit tremors.When the stomach starts to pull, this may indicate a lowering of the fetus, therefore, may cause frequent urination and pressure on the perineum.However, in this case, it becomes easier to breathe and the heartburn will disappear

.The woman may experience discomfort in the pelvis due to the pressure of the uterus.In late pregnancy often have swelling of the extremities.Do not worry, swelling of legs disappear after some rest.However, if they do not go and apply to the face, you should immediately consult your doctor, as this may indicate the development of preeclampsia, which is often accompanied by cramps and high blood pressure, which is dangerous for the baby.

Many women in this period suffer from insomnia, the cause of which can serve as a big belly, which causes inconvenience.In this case, it is recommended to change the posture of sleep, for example, lie on the other side.

mammary gland in some cases secrete colostrum, which is the first food the child.

In most cases, the fruit of this term has an arrangement upside down, if you had 36 weeks of pregnancy, and the child is in the buttocks down, an experienced gynecologist can help him take the right position.For this purpose special exercises.In that case, when the baby can not roll over, obstetricians have warned of a possible cesarean section.

When it was 36 weeks pregnant, gynecologists offer to pass laboratory tests, such as testing for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, as well as a smear on the flora.These analyzes will be performed for the last time, so women do not need to worry and worry about it, because negative emotions are now useless.

On this term future mothers experiencing a heavy load on the spine, namely the lower his department, so it is necessary to properly distribute the weight to reduce this burden, it is not recommended to stack while sitting legs crossed.

should be noted that 36 weeks of pregnancy is considered to be the last date on which the child is born prematurely, beginning of next week will be considered as timely deliveries.

recommended to learn to discern the signs of the onset of labor process and to consider how to contact family members in the event of childbirth, and the route of travel to the hospital.

If this week there were fights, you must go to the hospital, because it shows the process of starting labor.It is not recommended to travel at this time period for long distances.

Thus, the 36 weeks of pregnancy is characterized by improving the nervous, immune and respiratory systems of the future child.All the internal organs as it reached its peak, the fruit is ready to appear on the light.