Preeclampsia in pregnancy: Causes and Consequences

Pregnancy - a special state in which only a woman can enjoy.Modern women have access to information that helps natural safely during pregnancy but still, they are often all sorts of dangers lurk.By one of those can be attributed preeclampsia in pregnant women, the insidious disease that occurs in the second half of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia and its causes

physical changes lead to malfunction of important body organs and systems in the second half of pregnancy.

about the causes of preeclampsia in pregnant women causing no definitive statements, but experts suggest the influence of such factors:

  1. nervous and mental stress;
  2. Hormonal disorders;
  3. immunological incompatibility between the fetus and mother;
  4. Insufficient coming vitamins.

symptoms and consequences of preeclampsia

Preeclampsia in pregnancy is most often manifested edema, the first symptom of the disease.The feature of the disease is that it can be present without causing damage in the early stages.Identify the problem may be a do

ctor, controlling the weight of a pregnant woman.Rapid weight gain is an occasion for the diagnosis of "preeclampsia".

This symptom is so common among pregnant women that swelling in the last stages, many women considered the norm.But fluid accumulation occurs in all tissues of the expectant mother, including the placenta, and this is a direct threat to the future of the baby.

appearance of protein in the urine of pregnant - this is the second sign of preeclampsia, disclose a violation of the kidneys.

Violation of bodies affects the circulatory system, therefore, the third symptom of preeclampsia appears high blood pressure.

gynecologist for purposes of treatment is sufficient to observe one or two symptoms because preeclampsia is unpredictable in its further development.The disease can stay at the level of swelling and pressure, and can cause seizures, and disrupt the internal organs.These circumstances are dangerous for the life of the mother and child.Chances of threat peel healthy placenta, bleeding, hypoxia and even the fading of the fetus.

Types of preeclampsia

Preeclampsia in pregnancy occurring without apparent reason are called "pure" preeclampsia, a disease develops on the background of diseased organs, obesity, hypertension and hormonal disorders carries the name "combines" preeclampsia.

also vary:

  1. Early preeclampsia during pregnancy, which occurs in the first trimester, and better known as early toxicosis, vomiting accompanied by varying complexity;
  2. Late preeclampsia during pregnancy.Starting from the second half of pregnancy, accompanied by edema, high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the blood;
  3. rare form of preeclampsia.There is at any stage of pregnancy, and in addition to the main symptoms of preeclampsia is accompanied by consequences such as asthma, psychopathy, dermatosis, jaundice and others.

Treatment and prevention

Depending on the complexity of the disease may be outpatient or inpatient treatment.The first version is enough receiving prescription drugs, compliance with a strict diet and control income and liquid outlet.The second option concerns complex cases, there is being monitored constantly analyzes pregnant, held stationary therapy and if necessary the doctor decides to premature delivery.

Preeclampsia - this is a serious problem that can occur in any pregnant woman.But if you decide to have a child and become a mother, you should remember that you have a great responsibility for the life of the unborn child.Good prevention of disease would be the mode of the day, a balanced diet, moderate exercise and sufficient exposure to fresh air.Eliminate salt from your diet, and let the 'pregnant' whims apply to all areas of your life, but not on your diet.