28 weeks of pregnancy.

Then comes 28 weeks of pregnancy, is coming to the end of the second trimester.Now, visits to the doctor are more likely to once every two weeks, with complicated pregnancy prenatal visits occur once a week.

Mom feels great, had grown accustomed to his position, a baby is not as big as to cause discomfort.Now his weight is about 1,200 kg and an increase of about 35 centimeters.The fetus at 28 weeks of pregnancy are actively moving, often mom feels his hiccups.Soft ears, pressed to the head, appear in front of the eyelashes, and the eyes themselves had sometimes reopened.The umbilical cord is attached to the belly and lower.The skin thickens, under it only begins to accumulate body fat.His legs are crossed, are drawn in to the tummy or head, the handle resting neatly stacked in the chest.

28th week of pregnancy is the peak of motor activity of the child.Location is enough.At the same time he studied the space around them, touching his small little arms to the walls of the uterus, umbilical cord touc

hes.It appears sucking reflex, the baby sucks his thumb.Already we can identify it right handed or left-handed.

If the mother leads an active lifestyle, then wiggling it simply can not be overlooked.The child and rocked to sleep, when my mother walks or something does.But when she sits down to rest as the baby immediately starts to show her his lokotochki and heels.That is why my mother seems that the child exhibits its activity only at night, when she goes to bed.Strong activity appears after meals, especially when it was eaten something sweet.This is due to the increase in blood sugar.Reacts baby and any changes in the emotional state of the mother.Not necessarily this negative emotions or stress, even the fun is transmitted to the child and he starts kicking.So it acts adrenaline, passed from mother.

mother may experience some ailments that are 28 weeks of pregnancy.Some may have already appeared and the woman even got used to them:

- headache, dizziness, mild nausea;

- bleeding from the nose;

- spasms of the leg muscles;

- pain in the back and underbelly;

- the appearance of swelling in the legs, arms, face;

- itching in the abdomen;

- trouble sleeping, falling asleep long;

- difficulty breathing, shortness of breath;

- possible appearance of varicose veins;

- appears clumsiness;

- can begin training bout (Braxton).The uterus hardens for a short time and then returned to its former state;

- on clothes may appear spots on colostrum.

From this period can be called a premature birth, and if the child is 28 weeks of pregnancy will be born, it can go especially for the created conditions.Yes, it is very difficult, the baby is still underdeveloped lungs, because it has yet to develop as many as 12 weeks under ideal conditions the mother's womb.For nursing requires special equipment.

doctors usually quite carefully observed for women diagnosed with threatened abortion, but it happens, and so that premature labor begin at completely healthy woman.

If there is even the slightest signs of labor just need to immediately call an ambulance!It is still possible to stop or at least delay the onset of the process a little bit.Each additional day spent in the womb gives the child more likely to complete further development.

When the spasms and pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, bleeding or even a few drops of blood, urgently need to go to the hospital.Although it is only 28 weeks of pregnancy, it may be premature births.