Tsvetotip "summer": stylist tips for women.

Stylists conventionally beautiful half of humanity is divided into four tsvetotipa: winter, spring, summer and autumn.Each of them has its own peculiarities.Summer tsvetotip most common among residents of the middle band, but it usually occurs with most problems.Often the beauty remain dissatisfied with the natural shade of your hair, considering it too faded and dull.But in what direction is best to stray when choosing a new color?Let's try to figure it out.

cold or warm?

In order to find out what hair color fit tsvetotipu "summer", you must first understand its nature.First, let's say that this kind of appearance as "winter", different cold midtone.A typical model year tsvetotipa as if lit from within, all muffled, slightly bluish light.So ladies do not go rich and warm hues.Against the background of the person immediately begins to seem tired and gray, and the image loses its appeal.In this cold colors do their thing: once there is a gleam in his eyes and on his cheeks - blush.

characteristic features of summer tsvetotipa

thin, as if weightless skin is endowed with olive, porcelain or even slightly pink tint - so looks tsvetotip "summer".What color hair will suit young ladies with this kind of appearance even nature itself could not say for sure.Among the "summer" the fair sex are expressed as the owner blonde and rich chestnut.

color "summer" colors

Each kind of appearance is divided into so-called color.They are grouped according to certain characteristics tsvetotip.As a rule, the main element is the contrast between the hue of the skin and hair.Knowing the characteristics of color, you can easily determine which hair color fit tsvetotipu "summer" of this or that direction, which is to use make-up and what kind of clothes is preferred to select.Stylists use this information to create a winning image at any client.

tsvetotip In the summer there are four color:

  • Natural.
  • bright.
  • Bright.
  • contrast.

Natural "summer": select hair color

first can be described as a kind of middle ground, which is a perfect tsvetotip "summer".What color hair will suit ladies natural color, defined by their natural hues curls.Usually, women with brown cold midtone or light brown hair.His eyes natural "Summer" can be hazel, gray-green or blue.The skin is olive tide or pink undertone.

main drawback of natural color is inconspicuous and slightly muted colors hair.Because of this, many women resort to coloring hair.However, the main thing here - do not overdo it, because the flashy shades is unacceptable, if you tsvetotip exterior "summer".Which hair color is suitable for natural color and do not spoil it?The answer is simple.Gray, like a sun-bleached hair, which can be colored in a soft and pleasant shades: Brown, shatenovy, coffee with milk.So hairstyle will look fresh, and the harmony between the color of the skin, eyes and hair will not be broken.

Shades of light tresses for "summer»

main representative of light "summer" - the blonde with blue or gray eyes.The skin of women of color thin and transparent, often covered with brown freckles.Choosing what hair color fit tsvetotipu "summer" in a light version, it is best to stay at the blond.The original shade of curls can be made more expressive.Bright "fly" suit silver gray hair.A platinum blonde in this case will be most welcome.

can experiment a bit with contrast.With the cold light brown shades lighter "summer" is easy to turn into a positive.The most daring girls can dye your locks in walnut and chestnut tones, thus moving to a contrasting color.

tsvetotip "bright summer": specifies a "color of»

Bright "summer" and radiates freshness.It is represented blond girls.Therefore, reasoning, any hair color fit tsvetotipu "summer" bright color, it is worth looking at the palette of light shades.Curls can be different - from platinum blond to light.The eyes of the young ladies with bright summer tsvetotip usually hazel or gray.The skin is usually ivory with a slight blush.

Hair coloring bright summer color women should be very careful.Any experiment with shades of hair may be unsuccessful.Daring to staining, bright "fly" it is better not to rush to extremes, as clearly defined in advance so a suitable hair color.Tsvetotip face "summer" in the color scheme is very capricious, he does not tolerate sudden changes, so that it should behave particularly cautiously.The pale thin skin will look painful, if the hair darken, even for a couple of colors.The same goes for shades of pink strands.They will give an unwanted redness already rosy face.The perfect choice for the "brightest" young ladies - highlighting.This type of staining for many years not going out of fashion, and blondes, he looks particularly attractive.

Contrast "summer": hair color for brunettes

dark ash or chestnut curls and green eyes - it is in this range of colors represented tsvetotip "contrast the summer."Which hair color is suitable in this case, is determined in accordance with the basic rules of color.The main thing - that was a sharp contrast between the hue of the skin and curls.Therefore, women belonging to this color, usually differ pale faces.

«Contrast» ladies best to stick to your natural hair color, changing only its shades.The dramatic transformation from a brunette to platinum blonde can not be too successful experiment - pale face once lost on the background of blond curls.Hair color suitable tsvetotipu "summer" in a contrasting color - nutty, chocolate, gray.Dark brown hair, you can lighten one or two colors.An excellent choice for "contrast" beauties will gradient coloring.For example, the roots of the color chocolate curls can be closer to the end fades into Brown.In the same color range will be the winning option brondirovanie.

Many women converge on the opinion that it is practically impossible to choose a beautiful and nice hair color suitable tsvetotipu "summer".Photos prove the opposite - there are plenty of ideas on how to emphasize this kind of fresh exterior colors.With the right approach to the peculiarities of the summer color can get a spectacular and fascinating results.Yes, tsvetotip "summer" different capricious, it is very difficult to fit into the image of something new.However, this does not mean that it is necessary to put an end to its image.Women tend to improve their appearance, and "summer" is the fair sex should not be a taboo.It is only important not to forget that "summer" - cold tsvetotip.Then pick up the perfect shade of hair it would not be too difficult.