The feed tortoises?

every responsible owner who is planning to have a turtle, be sure to ask himself: what to feed tortoises?Any of these creatures living in the home needs to be a balanced and varied diet.In nature, in vivo, the turtle itself is full of vitamins and minerals are sources of food.Living in captivity, pet depends entirely on the conditions organized by the owner.From what and how to feed the turtle will determine whether it will be long-lived.

Pet tortoises - herbivorous animals.The main food for them - the leaves and stems of plants, various vegetables, fruits and berries.Most tortoises like apples, lettuce, clover and dandelions.With the rest of the plants need to be extremely careful.Spoiled, stale food to feed the turtle can not, nor should give her large solid chunks.It is best to grate or chop food with a knife.This is an incomplete list of what feed tortoises.

once a week can be added to food boiled egg, ground beef or boiled fish.Periodically, you need to give the animal mineral supplements that

supply the body with all essential trace elements.

Few know just what to feed tortoises, still a good idea to understand when to do it.Feed it the best day during the most active.If this is not possible, then the meal can be transferred to the evening, a few hours before bedtime.Themselves turtle in certain conditions can go without food for quite some time.But this does not mean that you can forget to feed your pet.Eating turtle should receive on a regular basis.If your favorite is constantly examining the bottom of the cage - it is the main sign that she is hungry.

Sometimes it happens that the tortoise, the content of which is in perfect order (to withstand all conditions, and given the correct diet), refuses to eat for a long time and did not eat.In such a case, it is sure to show it to the vet.This behavior may be caused by a disease.If

from food refuses recently brought from the shop bug, it means that the animal has not yet become accustomed to the new environment, or it difficult to adjust to a new diet.In this case, you need some time to feed her usual food, gradually adding a new one to go smoothly for him.Understand that for the animal habitats change - a lot of stress.

If you organize your turtle comfortable accommodations and provide her with proper nutrition, it will long remain healthy and to please the owners cheerful view.You will get undoubtedly great pleasure from watching your pet.Learn how to all the information on what feed tortoises and you will immediately become easier to realize all these simple actions in life.After all, as he wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery, we are responsible for those who tamed.