Some aspects of how the dog euthanized

Anyone who planned to purchase a dog should be aware that the life of his new friend, a much shorter man.In addition, the animals do not always have a strong immune system, so they are susceptible to various diseases.And the older the dog, the more self-care it requires.It is for this reason it is necessary to have a basic understanding of how the dog euthanized because euthanasia can only relieve the pet from suffering.

As a rule, the service is in demand in large cities where high professionals in the veterinary field, in addition to their arsenal has all the necessary equipment for this.The question of how the dog euthanized, is not idle, because very often the pet is suffering from a particular illness, experiencing terrible pain.And the loss of life of a pet in this case is absolutely justified and appropriate measure to get rid of his torment.Also, it would be humane when the dog has surgical pathology that can not be disinfected.

information about how the dog euthanized, the owners also ne

ed to know the puppies, which vets discovered congenital conditions.However, before you agree to such a procedure, the animals need to conduct a comprehensive inspection at several specialists in order to minimize the risk of incorrect diagnosis.

some interest in the question of how the dog put to sleep at home.This procedure is carried out in practice, veterinarians often.Specialists make the animal an injection containing a multi-component drug.In this way, they neutralize pain reflexes and disconnected consciousness.It is absolutely excluded substances for euthanasia without the use of anesthesia.The only way to painlessly euthanize the animal.

Among the owners of pets are often ignite heated debate over whether to kill animals humanely whether in the home.Some believe that euthanasia of the dog - a cruel and immoral way that is contrary to accepted standards of morality.Others, however, argue that the above procedure helps rid the pet of the torments of their pain.

And there is a logical explanation: If euthanasia of the animal based on the whole complex of indisputable medical indications, in addition to carrying out euthanasia dog's owner gave permission, then this procedure is not something wicked.The life of a dog or other animal pets should not be a burden.

However, many are completely indifferent to what happens to their wards.They are often on their own initiative to seek a veterinarian to those lulled completely healthy pet.The reason is simple: he is tired and bored with them.Today there are entire clinic, which for a fee are ready to commit these horrific procedure.Of course, such activities must be stopped, and its initiators severely punished.