Cat breeds American Curl - a true family companion

Amazing cat breed American Curl leave anyone indifferent man ever to chat with these lovely creatures.Their recurved fluffy ears and attract attention.Curls can be great friends for a big family and brighten the life of a lone master.

little history

Officially known exactly how was bred American Curl.On this account, there are suggestions that this breed was the result of natural mutations, which in no way adversely affected the health of cats - bend the ears of the animal it is absolutely not harmful.

the first representative of the breed has been seen in the US in 1981.In the city of Lakewood, California, the family lived - Joe and Grace Ruga.One day, they found themselves on the verge of a stray black cat with strange ears.She decided to leave.After a while, the cat gave birth to kittens with the same curved ears.Then Ruga wife came to the conclusion that became the happy owners of a new amazing breed.Two years later, they come to grips with breeding cats with cute ears.The breed quickly bec

ame popular, and now the American Curl is known in Europe and Asia.

Breed: standards, health, character

main standard and hallmark Curl, of course, are the ears.They are open and bent back at an angle of 90-180 degrees, are defiantly sticking fluffy wool.Color same cat can be absolutely anything: from monochrome to skipjack.There are such rare items as the Siamese with curled ears in the style of "American Curl" (photo below).

Curls differ enviable health in the absence of any diseases transmitted genetically.Their strong, muscular body allows them to be very hardy and continue to playfully jump even in old age.About Curl can often hear that they - the eternal kittens.

By the nature of the American Curl is very friendly and sociable.This curious and playful kitty will follow you everywhere.And Curl will not require attention to the person, and vice versa - will try to participate in all domestic affairs.And by the way, thanks to its sverhobschitelnosti your furry friend can easily find a common language with other pets and small children.


Curls unpretentious care.They especially do not fade, so do not need everyday combing.Bathe Curls be made as necessary.The only thing you should pay attention to, because it's curved ears.This feature should always be taken into account.Open ears Curls must be regularly cleaned of excess sulfur, trying not to damage the fragile hryaschiki.They are bent in the opposite direction is not allowed.

Curl Kittens

Oddly enough, but the cat gives birth to kittens American Curl with a completely straight ears.However, should not be afraid.Ears begin to bend already at 3-6 days after birth.The final takes place on the formation of their 12-16 week.To make sure you offer this small Curl, check all the necessary documents and be sure to check with the parents of a kitten (with at least one of them).

This fellow

purchasing American Curl, be prepared that your loneliness and boring days came to an end.This wonderful pussy will give you and your pet a great mood and unforgettable fun.Curl all become faithful companion for many years.