Such different and unusual Tetra (fish)

Tetra - fish of the genus tetras.Homeland of these small fish is South America.In the wild, they live in the cleanest rivers, which are rich in oxygen.Feed Tetra (fish), larvae of various insects and soft and tender pieces of algae.

Fish These are schooling, which is why it is impossible to meet them alone.Tetra aquarium fish also can not live alone, she definitely need a company.The aquarium should be planted with plants and decorative driftwood, and then he will surely enjoy your fish.

Tetra (fish) and their varieties

There are several dozen species of tetra fish, among which the most popular aquarium inhabitant is Amanda.This species was discovered in the central part of the Amazon.Amanda - fish very small in size with soft pastel color.This fish can be kept in company with catfish or other peaceful aquarium fish, such as koelurihtisami, which have a pleasant and harmonious coloring.But these fish is problematic to keep in the home.

Here, for example, lemon tetra is an ideal option for the

home aquarium, it is completely unpretentious and very peaceful.

should be noted that Tetra (fish) mainly unpretentious, and enjoyed high popularity thanks to its racy.For fish, set forth above, can be hooked "krasnorotuyu" tetra (rodostomo) with bright and contrasting coloring, as well as sapphire Tetra.

often in home aquariums can meet such wonderful fish like tetras glass.This name is obtained through a transparent body, in addition, on the tail of the fish has a contrasting red spot.

All kinds of fish that have been mentioned above, it is absolutely omnivorous.They can be supplied as a living, so dry and frozen food, and will not mind to eat vegetable food.Nevertheless, tetra fish feed must be chosen with care osboy.

red-Tetra should be fed live food or plant, sometimes in the diet can also use artificial substitutes.

Tetra creeping eat absolutely any food that you give them.Undoubtedly, more preference is given to glass fish live feed - bloodworm, Daft, tubifex, but also on the dry food will never give up.It is necessary to remember that the tetras feed only dry food is not recommended, as in this case, the fish are very poorly developed and grow.Also, as feeding, they can delight small insects or larvae.

Tetra background Rio eats all kinds of life-like and dry food, most importantly, ensure that the food was not too big.

Mirror tetras should be fed small crustaceans, small water and surface insects, and chopped Tubifex.

Diamond Tetra should be fed a very diverse and abundant.Her diet should prevail live feed, and only rarely can be fed animal feedstuffs.

tetra-fed small flashlight and hearty food - Daft, chopped Tubifex, grindalem.