Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier: the rules and features

Veterinarians and nutritionists today with great success solve the problem of feeding any pet.The retail chain has a large number of different feeds, which contain vital components.Power Yorkshire terrier should not cause any problems, but some people still make mistakes when feeding your pet.Errors are displayed on the health of the host dogs.

Due to the ignorance of the norms of feeding Yorkshire terrier done the wrong way.The very first thing - is overfeeding the dog.Man thinks that to do good, giving the dog something special and sweet, but it is not so.Before you give your dog is, you first need to think carefully about whether to do it at all.The most harmful food for York is nothing but bones.And puppies and adult dogs in any case can not be given.The fact that the puppy is not yet formed dentition.But as seniors, they can do any damage to myself sharp edge of the bone.

Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier must comply with physical stress.Dogs with increased activity provide more food with lower - le

ss.Feed the pet should be twice a day.Moreover, fresh water for drinking should always be.It depends on you whether your Yorkshire terrier healthy.Eating natural food has its advantages.The main thing - you can build yourself a diet of your pet.It can be cereals, fish, vegetables, meat, ie those products that you are completely sure.However, it has a small flaw on cooking with natural products requires additional time.It is also important to choose a diet in accordance with the characteristics and preferences of the dog.

Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier dry food has both disadvantages and advantages.Let's start with the advantages.

  • Time to cook the food, is not required.
  • They are easy to store and you can take in a variety of travel.
  • Forage dry already fully balanced in nutrients.

But there are drawbacks.It is very difficult to choose food that will appeal to your pet, and at the same time will have all the necessary materials, minerals and vitamins.Dry food is always monotonous.

If you are on the side of natural food, then you need to know how to make a diet for your pet, while respecting the ratio of nutrients in food.The study of the various tables of recommended products and diets will help you learn it.

Power Yorkshire terrier - it is not too difficult, but responsible.At home, do it all very difficult, so many, and seek professional help.They will help in this matter, and teach special care for York.Just the very first and most important - is to make the right diet, based on the characteristics and preferences of the pet, and then you can already own something in it slowly to change and improve.