Miniature Pinscher, or mini-Doberman

Mini Doberman or miniature pinscher has emerged as a more or less pedigree dog in the middle of the XV century.At first, it was diluted in the German farms where appreciated for good hearing, fearlessness, low growth and restlessness.The dog did not require a lot of food, sensitively protects the house, cut off the rats in the barn better than a cat, and in case the owner could with her to hunt small game - rabbits or ducks.It is believed that the ancestors of miniature Dobermans were the Nordic dogs and ordinary haired Pinschers bred in the area W├╝rttemberg.Whatever it was, but in the XIX century, this breed suddenly became very popular first in Germany and then abroad.It began selection work on deducing Pinschers as small as possible.Standard zwergpinschers (Zwergpinscher) was approved in 1880.In the wake of fashion, he became mostly urban companion dog.

In Russia this breed is known as the mini-Doberman.However, the link with the latter at the miniature pinscher is highly questionable.Herr Doberman

n, wanting at the end of the XIX century to bring a perfect dog-bodyguard, took for his new breed of tribal blood large German Pinschers.But the whole family ends.So handsome and tiny, and the usual Doberman has a distant ancestor - a smooth-pincher.

What kind of rock - mini-Doberman?Photos show us cute little short-haired dogs with standing or hanging on the cartilage forward ears, intelligent eyes and docked tail.This pet friendly "square format" with strong legs, muscular, but at the same time elegantly curved like a Doberman, neck.The coat should fit snugly to the body.Very popular black "lacquered" Miniature Pinscher with a shiny coat and bright-red markings.In general, the FCI standard for the breed (she is registered there under number 185) allowed only two Color: Chestnut (all shades - from light to chocolate) and black and tan.Dogs with color like a deer (with specks) bred in Germany in a separate group - re-Pinscher.But the most characteristic feature of which is the hallmark of this race is special gait - "ballet trot."He walks the dog, tossing high front paws, like a circus horse (or rather, a pony).

What is the nature of these crumbs?Mini Doberman - Pinscher loving.One hundred years in the rock in some urban apartments cooled instinct of this "storm of rats."Now the dogs get along fine with cats and other pets.But something of the valuable qualities of the former German guard farmsteads still remains.The phenomenal hearing, the unprecedented courage and outstanding intellect zwergpinscher distinguished from other breeds.With the growth of 30 cm and a weight of 5 kilograms mini Doberman is not afraid to confront the large pack of dogs to protect the host.And he will hear his footsteps as he is still on the distant approaches to the house.

Caring for Miniature Pinscher is not difficult.It almost does not fade, very chistoploten, easily trained teams.Mini Doberman has a good health, not suffering, "thoroughbred" diseases, live long, and to old age retains the energy and playfulness.The only thing to take into account the miniature pinscher owner, is the fact that the short fur of his pet bad protects from the cold, so winter need more clothes.Also, the little dog of this breed - big fans eat.Do not overfeed them!