Can you dye your hair during pregnancy?

Can I color my hair during pregnancy?A similar question is raised by many expectant mothers, do you want to look good always, and regrowth is not added attraction.The exact answer is still no.Research conducted by scientists, found no harmful effects on the fetus of paint.

Can I color my hair during pregnancy?The first "no" if you care about your baby.

According to some experts, ammonia and other depleting chemicals are present that make up different colors, can get into the blood.Confirmation of this fact is not found.However, ammonia vapor during respiration still get in, and they, as you know, quite toxic.Particularly negative impact Vapours have on pregnant women prone to toxicosis.

also not recommended to use chemical hair dyes during the formation of the placenta, which provides protection for the unborn child.Fully formed in the last twelve weeks.

Can I color my hair during pregnancy?The second "no", since such means are generally contains ammonia, which is very dry and already weak in

this period hair.So if you decided to change the hair color, the paint purchase, of which the substance is not included.It is advisable to buy in specialized stores.Another option - you can use coloring shampoos or weak colors.But in this situation is to take advantage of further balms that moisturize and nourish your hair.Incidentally, in this period, it is desirable to make a mask in order to strengthen the structure of curls.Of course, you need to use only natural ingredients.

You can dye your hair during pregnancy?The third "no", because it is better not to make radical changes in the structure of the hair to be relaxed for the health of the fetus.Yet, dye your hair or not - this is a personal decision of each expectant mother.It should always be considered that the result of this procedure can be quite surprising, both in color and staining as strands.This occurs due to changes in the structure of hair.

What paint hair dye pregnant?

good substitute "chemistry" could be natural dyes, such as henna and Basma.They are easy to find in any store, and they are quite inexpensive.But keep in mind that they are very persistent, then use another paint can simply "go" to the hair.So we have to wait for a complete flushing of natural dye.

beautiful shades pregnant blonde help achieve common chamomile broth, but the procedure will have to be repeated several times.Get a golden brown color you can use onion peel.Persistent painting can give a decoction of walnut shell.All of these natural ingredients are not only give beautiful shade of hair, but also to strengthen.In addition, these funds are absolutely harmless to the fetus.

Can I color my hair during pregnancy?The first "yes", but only in favor of natural dyes.From chemicals at this time should be discarded.