Fashion trends in the art of hairdressing.

If you imagine what would cause the association girl with shaven temple just a century ago, can be terrified.Probably, it would be considered into carriers of some shameful disease.Even in the days when women could not afford to have their hair cut short, no one came up with the idea to shave the head portion locally.

If you dig deeply wrong, and go to the 70-80s, we can recall that the shaved temples were one of the attributes of punk flow.Youth subcultures have always had their own standards of beauty, often do not coincide with the generally accepted.Therefore, a girl with a mop of hair on bare colorful temples and then looked strange.But in their midst, they were fashionable and popular.

whiskey and shaved their way to popularity

first expose of the head decided to rebel star Rihanna.However, a haircut with shaved temple soon ceased to be its distinctive "chip".Within a few weeks you could see short hair above the ear of the Madonna.Behind her lover and risked experimentation with hair - Br

itney Spears.

Features haircuts open temple

one time stylists insisted that such a daring haircut will only fit lover of military style, punk rock.But today's fashionista combine shaven whiskey, not only with short hair, but also with the flowing locks of medium length and even ultralong hair.Some experimenting vybrivaya both the temple, but it is assumed that for women's hairstyles yet more suited asymmetry and two shaved temple - a lot of men.

Care haircut

Like all short haircuts, such hair requires constant care.Firstly, you should not do it at random hairdresser.In our time, not so many masters, able to open a beautiful temple, so those who still dare to such a haircut should look really competent barber.Renovate shaved area and can be your own - for that you need to grow hair trimmer to trim.

Most likely, such a haircut will require more time to care.Simple washing to save the species will be accurate enough.Therefore, even before the haircut, it is worth thinking about the necessary tools and styling tools.

shaven whiskey - contra

When any hairstyle you need to consider the type and characteristics of the hair, face shape, style, able to care for a new hairdo.This haircut is slim girls with oval face, regular features stresses.But it is hardly necessary to experiment with bare temples those who have large ears.Open whiskey always emphasize the anatomical limitations.

haircut "shaved temple" today

long ceased to be associated with violent subcultures, and even more so with diseases of the skin, cutting open shaved temple looks stylish and youth.Of course, the bearer of this hairstyle is necessary to pay attention not only hair, but also the wardrobe, shoes, accessories, so that they looked a holistic way.However, this applies to all women.