Why does hair fall out in women?

Many people wonder why women's hair fall out and that affect their health.Hair exposed to both the external environment and internal factors.It is, in fact, part of the answer to the question of why hair fall in women.The first factor can be attributed to the weather and the environment, and even wrongly chosen shampoo.The second include poor diet, stress, certain diseases and bad heredity.Here is a list of the factors that one way or another affect the condition of the hair of women (and men too):

  • Ecology and weather.
  • Improper care.
  • Malnutrition.
  • use of drugs.
  • Bad habits and disease.
  • Heredity.
  • hormonal imbalance.

some problems can be dealt with, and to live with others as much as possible and try to take care of hair.

Why does hair fall out in women

Most causes directly related to factors that affect the hair.However, there are options for hair loss that do not depend on external factors, and the associated human health and hormonal balance.

So there baldness called androgenic alopeci

a.This hair loss that occurs due to increase in certain types of hormones.Initially, the opinion of scientists boiled down to the fact that this disease occurs in women who have (in abundance), male sex hormone testosterone.However, further studies have shown that it was a misconception.Actually androgenetic alopecia occurs due to the increased amount of dihydrotestosterone, which has a much greater impact on the scalp than testosterone.

Doctors have determined that under certain conditions the hormone DHT kills the hair follicles on the head.It is because it is a big part of the baldness.And all because that DHT shrinks the hair follicle so much that the hair is not able to survive in such conditions.

It should be noted that even a slight increase in this form of testosterone can cause hair loss.Some people, who are too sensitive to even minor vibrations chemicals and their composition into the body, such changes may lead to complete baldness.This applies to both men and women.Often, even a normal amount of hormones can lead to hair loss.

By the way, if the amount of hormones is still fluctuating, there is a risk to start to lose hair.For example, a decrease in female hormones, pregnancy, thyroid malfunction, or administration of drugs that are somehow able to influence hair growth.

Quite often, the balding process is enhanced during menopause, when hormone concentration is sharply reduced, which can cause a more rapid response of the organism, including the possibility of losing hair.

Care - the best cure for baldness

To hair has always been beautiful and shiny, use only high-quality cosmetics.Try to minimize the use of curling irons and hair dryer that only dried hair and spoil their structure.If this does not work, take regular masks from natural ingredients that restore damaged hair.

regularly go to the master for a haircut, experts advise to trim the tips of at least once every three weeks.Do not wear long tails and plaits, dry hair will further break and split.Try to use

sparing colorants, better to take a coloring shampoo or a natural dye in the form of henna and Basma.

temperature is lowered hide hair, they do not like cold weather, rain and wind.If you do not wear a hat, use a hood.So you insure yourself against baldness.

sure to watch your diet, drink plenty of fluids and vitamins in the winter, you can take vitamin complexes.Give up bad habits, it will be beautiful, not only hair, but nails, skin, teeth.

In conclusion, it should be said that positive emotions will give you beauty and pleasant moments.Less nervous, after all, depends on the beauty of hair.

If these recommendations will not help you, consult a professional stylist for the selection of cosmetics, as well as to the dermatologist-cosmetician and a therapist who can answer all your questions about why hair fall in women.