Butch - for bold and independent women

What do we know about the short haircut?Basically, what it are almost all men.It is for them a matter of course.But short hair for women - is a special approach to their appearance, image, display of state of mind.After all, men's short haircuts since childhood, and if the same thing with him created the woman, it is not just.For her, such an act - a very important and courageous step in life.

Butch woman always looked like a challenge to the whole world, a sign of rebellion, excessive autonomy and the right to vote on an equal basis with men.A vivid example was the famous Joan of Arc.It sheared, as a man and fought the same way.

thoroughly butch women was used during the First World War.Then the fairer sex had a lot of work.Long hair was a hindrance, and their styling - a waste of time.It was then that most of the ladies and began to cut her hair shorter and shorter ...

Now, today, short hairstyle for women has a lot of different variations.The earliest and, accordingly, the most popular among t

hem are the quads and Bob.The latter option hairstyles characterized in that the strand is sheared at the back is shorter than the front.Externally, the square of the bean is not much different.

very popular among girls and women haircut waiter, which in French means "boy."The name speaks for itself.Although this short hairstyle (photo below) can be diluted with a long fringe that looks good.

very brave decision will make hair even shorter.That's just too short haircut - for women with perfectly symmetrical face, beautiful ears and neck, as well as, of course, a lot of confidence in myself.In addition, this hairstyle is more suitable young ladies of small stature.High lady with a haircut will look at least ridiculously.

All short haircuts combines a lot of positive qualities.For example, short hair is much easier to repaint in any color you like, they are easy to wash and dry, they do not require special installation.

Any short hairstyle can give flavor, having painted only a few strands, or making fleece.

way, the owner of luxurious curls can also wear short haircuts.It looks very nice.

For owners of thick hair, short hair - just a godsend.It is believed that because of the severity of hair, maybe even a headache.Therefore, haircuts for thick hair in this case is very fit.Especially because such hair can be shaved very short, without fear that will show through the scalp and do not bother to installation.

have short haircuts there are also disadvantages.They need support in the form of regular sostrig regrown hair, otherwise you can get very sloppy appearance all hairstyles.Butch obligation to be as feminine, what is missing its owner.For this reason, many women especially are cut short to add their own image and confidence light aggression.

In any case, how would any woman tonsured, it's not forever.And if the experiment with short hair are not successful, the hair can always grow.