Amazing lashes with their hands, or how to build lashes at home

Long and thick eyelashes - the dream of every girl who care about their appearance.They make the eyes more expressive, and his eyes - fascinating.Unfortunately, only a third of women in the world can have such eyelashes from nature.Therefore, the fair sex is often treated in beauty salons, where modern cosmetology will add charm to their appearance.There are those who know how to build lashes at home.It's easy!

What you need for eyelashes?

To make amazing cilia at home, do not need much.The main thing - the desire and creativity.

Firstly, the need for a set of eyelash extensions, which may include the cilia individually or beams, as well as a special glue (better if it is hypoallergenic).When you select a kit, it is important not to be tempted by cheaper materials, because this is clearly a product of low quality, so the lashes, this procedure can cost too much.If you decide to take this seriously and to become a professional in the matter of how to increase eyelashes at home, then it is worth to

purchase high-quality materials.Complete all necessary bought at the beauty salon, with appropriate instructions - perfect.The process is simple, but the self-build cilia themselves quite problematic, so it attract mates (friends, mother or sister).

eyelashes - just!

process can be divided into three stages:

  • training;
  • variety of shapes, colors and length of cilia;
  • capacity.

Proper preparation - the key to success on the question of how to build lashes at home.Any fat that accumulates in the skin, will not allow the adhesive to gain a foothold.Therefore, you must completely remove the makeup with the use of on the basis of degreasing.

color eyelashes can be anything: black, silver, blue and so on.If the girl has experience in eyelash is small, it is better to give preference to the traditional black color.And experiment with blue, yellow or green can be, you have gained mastery.

should be remembered that long eyelashes are glued to the corners of the eyes, and a shorter suitable for middle and inside of the eyelids.

tweezers and glue (preferably colorless) - the main tools used.There is a black adhesive that creates a unique effect of the liner, but it should be used with extreme care, gain experience.Artificial eyelash dipped in glue and glued to the root of their own, slowly moving from the outer corner of the eye to the nose.The adhesive hardens instantly, so to pull already adhered eyelash is not necessary - you can damage the delicate and sensitive skin age.To remove, use a cotton swab dipped in a special oil, which softens the adhesive, so the eyelash can be removed without difficulty.

care of the increased eyelashes

Knowing how to build lashes at home, you should have an idea about how to properly care for them.Never use greasy creams.Any cosmetics shorten the life extensions cilia, because each evening, when she would wash off makeup water, their number will be reduced.During sleep, it is important to avoid contact of the eyelashes with a pillow, so better sleep on your side or back.By following these simple rules of the cilia will delight you with its beauty and others for a long time!