How to put short hair after you've done a haircut of your dreams

Having decided to short haircut, many women hope that hair will have the desired shape without any effort on their part.After coming out from his barber, they see in the mirror after the ideal outline seemingly minimal effort on his part.However, this is misleading.In the cabin, and especially to the newly cropped hair, the hairdresser can easily achieve the desired shape and curls.But the next day the owner of the house a new image will be disappointed.Washing your head, it does not know what to do and how to put short hair.The main thing - to understand what type of haircut is your hair.Having determined this, you can easily answer the question: "How to make laying on short hair?"

simple geometry

Crisp graphics haircut can afford owner perfectly smooth and well-dyed hair.Of course you can every morning to resort to ironing, but it will become unbearable load for almost any hair.Therefore, your hairdresser is likely to dissuade you from geometric haircuts, if you like the heroine of the film "Cur

ly Sue."How to put short hair, if your choice - and elongated angled bob bob with a raised neck?In this case, most importantly - accuracy when working with a hairdryer.Careless further complicate drying hair styling.After sticking out in different directions strands will not go the way it was meant to master shearing.When placing a bean, you need to tighten up the hair from the inside round brush and then accentuate the tips with wax, gel or lipstick.Sometimes the best texture can use curling irons.Rack with a raised neck dried in sequence, starting at the back of the head.On the hair, it is desirable to put the fixing and rectifying means.

Curls and retro

How to put short hair, if you dare to copy the famous hairstyle Zelda Fitzgerald?Indecision is justified - not long curls can look silly and oversimplified appearance.But only if they are careless fluffed and poorly documented.No need to believe the words of stylists from commercials that claim, though a small amount of spray lacquer or fix her hair perfectly for the day.Then you will forget about the supposedly agonizing question: "How to put short hair?"Unfortunately, cutting style 30s requires a much more thorough fixation.Create curls on washed hair curling iron will, iron is or curlers and extremely short curls maybe just a hairdryer and dry hands.In all these cases it is desirable to apply vehicle with a maximum degree of fixation of the ones that fit your needs.When finished drying, it is necessary to sprinkle hair lacquer, not overdoing with its quantity.And then further accentuate the most unruly strand of wax or help her to go to the desired angle with the help of hairpins.

Ultra and pixies

Rihanna and Keira Knightley regularly engage the admiring glances of photographers on the red carpet.Not least because of their hairstyles.Pixie Haircut - one of the most extreme variants of geometric haircuts.But her appearance can impress even experienced lovers short hair.And she did not care as complex as it might seem.We just need to stock up an arsenal of styling products.So, how to make a beautiful hairstyle for short hair, if you are in the shower ekstremalka and rebellious?Definitely choose pixie, considering that the combination of long strands (or elongated bangs) with very close-cropped head of hair require the bulk of the two different sets of styling.In some places, even the head may be shaved, so you should think about how to get a trimmer.It will help in the home to support the well-groomed hair.Laying pixie is to give part of the long hair right direction, ideal fixing and applying gloss to complete the dazzling effect.