How nice to pull out his eyebrows, not prebegaya to help cosmetologist

eyebrows - a very important element of the face.Seemingly quite inconspicuous part of it form the shape of the eyebrows, giving the face a certain expression and appearance.Wrong selected color and shape may negate all the efforts to create a make-up.Conversely, pretty neat eyebrows transform the most simple and discreet person.

Mandatory condition - the frequency of treatments plucking eyebrows.This should be done as needed, each time with the appearance of excess hair.

To determine the correct form can be carried out plucking eyebrows in a beauty salon, and after to continue to fulfill its own, adjusting the shape.But it is not a prerequisite.Knowing the rules of how beautiful tweeze eyebrows, you can do it without the help of a cosmetologist.

procedures for plucking eyebrows will need quite a bit: tweezers, mirror, which will affect both of your eyes at the same time, and some alcohol lotion.An important point - the light that illuminates your face.It should be a lot, otherwise there is the pos

sibility of missing some hair.

Before turning to the question of how beautifully tweeze eyebrows, learn the correct movements, through which we will make the necessary steps.Plucking sharp gestures made sure only the direction of hair growth.You need to pull out one hair.

Before you start, you must treat the hands, the eyebrows and the tool lotion, to avoid the possibility of getting germs in the wound produced on the spot torn hair.

To minimize the pain during plucking eyebrows need to stretch the skin with your fingers free hand.In addition, it is possible to pre-steam via a hot compress.To remove a sharp pain can help the enclosed ice cube.There are also ready-made tools for pain management process - special creams and lotions.

Now, knowing all the details of preparation, and the process, discuss how beautifully tweeze eyebrows, to determine the correct line.For convenience, you can use a pencil, trace of which can then be removed.We define the terms that we will suggest how to pluck eyebrows - photo shows the location of each of them.

  1. first point - it is the beginning of the eyebrow.To determine its location, it is necessary to lay a straight line from the wing of the nose through the inner corner of the eye.Where the line intersects the eyebrow, and will be the start point.All the hairs that fall outside its borders, must be removed.
  2. second point - the end of the eyebrow.To determine it is necessary to draw a line from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye.With hairs extending beyond its limits, it is necessary to do the same, as is the case with the first point.If the natural eyebrow does not reach the end point, it is necessary to finish.
  3. to define the third point, which will be the highest point of eyebrows, you should look in the mirror directly.The line should be routed from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the pupil.

That's defined contour that will tell you how beautiful tweeze eyebrows.It is necessary to remove all that stands out for the selected range.It is believed that it is necessary to get rid of hairs that grow just below the eyebrows.This is true, but do not take it for granted.If the top of your eyebrows requires correction, follow it.

Do not overdo it, you pull out the excess risk.Once the comb eyebrows in the direction forehead to see the long hair that can stand out from the general line at the most inopportune moment.Cut them and you will see how neat and beautiful will be your eyebrows.