Mineral oils in cosmetics

This component is mineral oil, firmly entrenched in our daily lives.Many worry about the fact whether it is harmful to health.Sometimes motor mineral oil, but we will talk about beauty, because every girl and woman are primarily interested in beauty.Let's start ...

mineral oil in cosmetics is not uncommon, and its presence in certain media is always a lot of questions.The situation is heating up all sorts of media, accusing such components in the harmful effects on the skin and toxicity.Who is right?

Oil - it's completely natural product produced from water and sediments and organic remains.After the distillation process and a thorough cleaning of the so-called "black gold" get a lot of products, but not limited to gasoline and fuel.From a cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufactured mineral oils used in the beauty industry today.These oils are unique in that they do not become rancid over time, they are not affected by external factors such as light, temperature and humidity.Analogs of these substanc

es in the nature is not yet found.

process of obtaining oil approved and closely monitored by many American and European associations.

As a result, long-term studies have found that the mineral oil is a natural moisturizer.And it is the only product in this category, which does not cause individual intolerances or allergies.The rest of the oil in the property can not boast.

Very often you can hear the opinion that oil production dries the skin.This stereotype arises from the principle of operation of these funds.The fact that they are formed on the thin film surface of the skin, which just makes it impossible for the evaporation of moisture from the surface thereof.This means that the skin, on the contrary, perfectly moisturized from the inside.Many substances, such as, for example, petrolatum, less useful.They "pull" water from the skin, creating only the illusion of moisture.

In addition, the selection of high-quality cosmetics based on mineral oil will help prevent clogging of the pores and aggravate acne.This is a very important factor, especially for owners of oily and combination skin.

Although mineral oil contains in its composition of vitamins, like many other natural oils, beauticians often use it in the manufacture of tools for skin care.With their help, you can get rid of skin redness, diaper rash, irritation.This oil - the perfect base for care products for sensitive skin.Mostly it is used in the manufacture of cosmetics for the body, hands and feet are very rare - for the face.

That said, I want to wish all of the fair sex to be beautiful, well-groomed and safe to learn how to use the high-quality cosmetics based on mineral oils.To date, these funds set is important to find your elixir of youth and attractiveness.