Stage Make-up.

Any woman is committed to ensuring that any way to emphasize their individual characteristics.Unusual extravagant clothing and shoes, as well as trendy accessories are not able to fully perform this task.The greatest personality of any woman is able to give a makeover.He is so varied that it is necessary only to admire visionary makeup artists.

Stage Make-up is very often the basis for creative looking and creative personalities.Their desire to stand out from the crowd finds its expression in a flight of fancy, which allows an individual to create a bright image and to attract maximum attention.

Stage Make-up is a part of the image conceived by designers.It may further emphasize the idea of ​​the whole collection, and can not draw attention to themselves in order to better visual perception of the demonstrated clothes.

itself catwalk make-up should not focus the viewer on the face of the model.His goal - is a mandatory attribute of the artistic image, conceived as a stylist.What will be the ar

t of makeup applied make-up artists, costume depends on the topic.Fantasy professionals can create his catchy or natural, fatal or gentle, causing or modest.

podium Any makeup starts with a good tonal framework.It has to be practical and reliable.Unacceptable stains, shine and striking manifestations of tone.The substrate must be clean, flat like a sheet, which would be dealt certain features.In the case of existing models of cosmetic defects should come to the aid of cosmetology.Make-up will be performed on a qualitative level only when the basis for his application to be perfectly flat.

all professional makeup artists pay special attention to the eyes.They can clearly delineate them for the task solo unit or hide behind a clear outline of the lips.However, when you create any image of the eye necessarily celebrated decorative cosmetics.Use black eyeliner will give a special expressive look.

plays an important role model and eyebrows.When creating the image of the eccentric clearly outline.

If you think the image needs to focus on the lips, the makeup artist picks matte lipstick dark red, burgundy or cranberry hue.Under the selected tone is allowed to use the contour pencil.

image of noble elegant ladies in high heels, in the wide-brimmed hat, holding a long cigarette holder in hand, emphasizes the pale skin and bright cherry red lips.

very popular among stylists romantic theme.The image of a young girl with delicate features, the natural color of the skin and long flowing hair is often present at the fashion show collections.To emphasize the romantic nature, make-up artists use a light reception selection cheeks blush.For this purpose, a nice way bronze or beige shade.

Many parts podium makeup, and can also be used on a daily basis.Create your own images.Emphasize individuality.Shoes, clothes, hair and makeup should emphasize the chosen style.