Oil fragrance - mysterious scents of the East

Spirits are an indispensable complement to the image of any woman.Even the most stringent appearance may soften slightly flirtatious and playful flavor.Unfortunately, even the most stubborn spirits can not all day to accompany her mistress.Wear your favorite bottle in her purse, of course, no ban, but it is not always convenient.

Oil perfume packed in small containers, and their smell is able to stay on the body for much longer.In addition, they have a large variety of flavors, allowing every woman to choose her favorite scent.

Oil spirits came to us from the East.They have long been used by the people who lived in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Syria and India.Fragrant oils, which have been added floral extracts and spices, were in great demand.Ancient perfumers could produce such oil perfumes which were combined, it would seem absolutely incompatible ingredients.As a result of their work appeared mysterious scents of the East, which does not leave indifferent not only women but also men.

In Europe, oil perfumes were introduced by the Arabs.Merchants from the East brought captivating aromas with geranium, cinnamon and Rockrose.However, after the spread of the Christian faith, this perfume was banned, as was considered contrary to church teachings that exist in European countries.

In the East, believed that the mysterious scents, on the contrary, closer to God.Church doctrine proclaimed Us earthly and heavenly peace through the thin thread of fragrant smoke.In addition, the perfume oil in the eastern countries, served as a symbol of overcoming because of the ability of odor to penetrate through the closed door.The art of flavors considered real science.In the tradition of the East used a certain kind of smell at birth man at his wedding and death.

In today's world oil production of spirits involved many cosmetic companies.Manufacturing technology they are not particularly complex.The composition of flavors, made of oil-based without alcohol content, in harmony with the natural smell of leather.Such spirits are not able to cause irritation and manifestations of allergic reactions.They retain long lasting fragrance, quality characteristics and not become exhausted for a prolonged period.

Perfume with oil-based, popular among European women.Modern beauties prefer a combination of persistent aromas with fashion trends fragrance industry.Cosmetic companies are producing oil perfumes with pheromones.Adding perfume product of biologically active substances which release small amounts of the endocrine glands, contributes to the Push-Pull of the opposite sex.At the same pheromones that have no special smell, excite sexual desires because of the effects on human receptors.

Increased demand from consumers for Arab oil and perfume.They are produced in the process of direct distillation of concentrates of flowers and plants.These perfumes are all natural, and are typically used as concentrated perfume.Also, they are widely used as additives for aromatic baths and massage oils.Natural floral scent is used in shampoos and hair gels for showering.The aroma of Arab perfumes are also used to flavor things and bed linen.