Wax Strips Veet - is not only a means for depilation

Wax Strips Veet, designed to remove hair on the arms, underarms, legs and bikini area, dermatologically tested and proved successful among consumers.But their range of application has some limitations.Veet Wax strips should not be used in the intimate parts of the body, as well as on the chest and face.This is the perfect cosmetic product that can give the skin an amazing smoothness, creaminess and very carefully take care of it.

Veet - wax strips that give effect even with short hairs from 2mm.If earlier the ladies, who prefer waxing, were forced to wait until the hair has fully grown significantly, and now they do not face this problem.Another plus - Wax Strips Veet, reviews which are always only the most positive, slow hair growth.However, this remarkable feature is observed only when used regularly.In this case, the hair changes its structure (made softer and less), and the skin is silky and soft for a longer period than after using a razor (up to a month).

If you are afraid, do not know

how to do hair removal wax strips Veet, there is nothing to worry about.Even if you use this wonderful cosmetic wrong wax strips will still be able to capture and remove hairs are virtually painless.

In very recent past waxing conducted exclusively by experts of beauty salons.They should be able to stretch the skin properly, and tear off the strip almost instantly.The new formula of this tool is designed for hair removal, that the procedure is accessible to every woman.

wax remains on the strip, rather than on the body, even if the strip is removed slowly.You will be surprised flawless results to be achieved on the first try.

These wax strips - not just a tool for removing unwanted hair.His responsibly can be attributed to cosmetic products, which are specially designed to care for the skin.For the full care they are enriched with herbal extracts.

But depilation using wax itself has a positive effect on the skin.This is reflected in the improvement of blood circulation, exfoliating effect and the natural moisture of the skin.

Since any type of skin needs special care that is appropriate only to him, Veet wax strips are made for each of them.Wax Strips for dry skin lotion containing aloe vera and lotus.These components have a healing and moisturizing effect.

in cosmetic products for normal skin manufacturers added berry extracts, which have a desensitizing effect, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect.In addition, the wax strips are enriched with shea butter, softening and moisturizing the skin.

strips for sensitive skin are rich in tocopherols and almond oil, so have a rejuvenating and soothing effect.