Shampoo "Horsepower": reviews and structure

How often in pursuit of the beauty of the stars we trust with glossy covers, their purely promotions.For example, not so long ago, Sarah Jessica Parker has published a "great" mystery of Hollywood stars, saying that caring for the beauty of their "mane" exclusively with Zoo shampoo.Within a few days, the Internet community has not had time to savor the news due actresses and horses, and shampoo "Horsepower" feedback on the forums has already collected more than sufficient.Indeed, looking at the thoroughbred horses whose manes glisten in the sun, like a precious thread, I want to believe that their cosmetics conscientious animal advocates add a lot more nutrients and keratin.Flatter whether such legend or to start reading about shampoo "Horsepower" Testimonials?

Features shampoo

Men believe that on several applications shampoo "Horse Force" may disappear bald head, the girls believe in natural "lamination" and hair straightening - in fact, it takes the stereotypes.Despite the fact that the shampoo,

"Horsepower" and collects positive reviews, it is necessary to look at the actual results of laboratory testing and research.In 50% of people instantly improvement comes at the same time have the other half may be a common intolerance shampoo - well, not part of the solution and that's it - instant dandruff and itching.After all, no wonder so many years, developers are working on the creation of shampoos for people: take into account and the structure of a human hair, and type - hard or soft, and the density of cover, and most importantly - the type of scalp.In the manufacture of drugs for animals taken into account is their physiology, the thickness of the skin and the structure of the bulb.

Now imagine how many times the number and size of the sweat glands and blubber horse exceeds the human.It is our brain accumulates as inveterate dirt to wash it "Horse Force" every day?

If we take into account what they say about shampoo "Horsepower," doctors reviews will inevitably encounter a discussion of the difference between the pH of the skin, which is the horse more acidic.The composition of the cleaning shampoo for horse's coat and mane includes copious amounts of alkali, that is a shampoo for those who have problems with oily scalp and greasy hair.By the way, for colored hair, you should not use it - at best paint will wash quickly, and at worst - will create an unpredictable effect.

Pros and cons

So, try to summarize all the facts on the ground which collected Shampoo "Horsepower" ratings for the time of its market expansion.Among the advantages:

  • Enriched with lanolin, vitamin B5 and collagen.

  • does not contain nasty flavors and fragrances - apparently to calm horses.

  • easy to comb and heavy hair can not be cut by electrification not at all.

Here and cons, which contain about shampoo "Horsepower" user reviews:

  • Inexplicably high price - up to 450-500 rubles.for a jar on a herd will not save enough.

  • high risk of hair loss as a result of frequent use - for 2-3 months.

  • increased dryness of hair as a result of leaching.

On the taste, of course, do not argue.As they say, do not stumble - will not pass, maybe it's worth, and just to surprise her husband custom packaging bathtub.