Why do I get the smell of sweat?

summer, the public transport is sometimes simply impossible to be.And it is often not in the heat and stuffiness, although these factors do not add to the pleasure of riding in crowded buses.But when affliction also added odor, it becomes unbearable at all!

especially strong smell of sweat publish representatives of the so-called southern nations.But the point here is not that they are something very different from the Slavs.Just southerners traditional cuisine includes a large amount of hot spices.The body can not cope with their processing, and the smell of sweat, "diluted" with onion or garlic, "aroma", it becomes quite unbearable.

But the unpleasant smell is not the prerogative of the lovers of spicy dishes, often the same "aroma" suffer a sweet tooth.The fact is that in fact the fresh sweat has no odor, is if a person is healthy.But accumulating on the skin, it is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.They happily snapped up the received food, and as a result there is an annoying and unple

asant smell of sweat.It causes discomfort.

But often, especially strong odor appears when a person is sick.In this case, you should consult your doctor.

If you carefully observe the requirements of hygiene, but the smell of sweat still haunts you, and even deodorants do not help get rid of it, not hurt to undergo a medical examination.It may be that you are not in the order kidneys, or the body's hormonal failure occurred.

To combat the unpleasant smell of sweat humanity over the millennia of its existence, has opened many ways.All of them can be divided into two categories - anti-perspirants and deodorants.Thanks to the efforts of advertising, zealously promoting a galaxy of deodorant-antiperspirant, a large part of the population simply does not separate them from each other in their minds.In fact, these two very different means and action and tasks.

Antiperspirants are designed generally to eliminate the cause of the odor, that is to reduce perspiration and deodorants merely mask the smell.Based on these features, you need to use them correctly.

So, apply antiperspirant to the skin is already sweating completely useless.Once the pot has already managed to stand out, then after a while he starts to smell.Use antiperspirant need as soon as you take a shower and dry the skin armpits.But completely block the sweat and you will not succeed, and this is not necessary, even to remove the odor.Nature knowingly supplied the human body a couple million sweat glands.At the discharge leaves our body, not only moisture, but also the excess salts and other impurities.If human skin secrete sweat stops, then we are simply welded to death, as it was the sweat is a natural thermostat body.Evaporating from the skin surface, it cools the body.Remember high-school physics and you will understand the mechanism of the process.

Deodorants can be applied to the skin throughout the day.In order to make the effect last longer, and the smell of sweat was eliminated guaranteed, it is recommended not to use sprays and roll-on deodorant, as their flavors have a more persistent action.