Emerald Makeover: underline hazel eyes

Green and hazel eyes is arguably the most unusual, since they carry something captivating, mystical.Warm owners of such rare look really beautiful eyes and the effect, not for nothing they are compared with emeralds.Green eyes are doing looks brighter, so their unearthly beauty is a sin not to stress, however, green-eyed girl does not need a ton of makeup to look beautiful.Let's see what we offer make-up artists?

hazel eyes may be different.The variety of shades includes a wide palette - from bright, saturated brownish-green to light green with gray or golden highlights.There are also shades of topaz and jade.Subtle play with paints can be carried out using a variety of shades of colors.

makeup for hazel eyes

Choice shadow effect color of the iris, hair color and even the color of clothing.Blonde and fair-haired girls can safely buy green and gold shades, and dark-haired beauties worth experimenting with purple, beige, green and lavender shadows.Brown, green eyes look wonderfully framed by wa

rm colors, these are the shades emphasize the fascination of sight.

Owners brownish-green eyes ideal marsh-green, gold, purple and dark gray shade.Effectively emphasize the expressive hazel eye shadow shades of champagne and copper shade with a golden hue.

can try and soft orange, physical or peach tones, but only if they do not have a pink hue, which in most cases gives the tired eyes and inflamed appearance.Some varieties of pink looks quite good, but they are very difficult to choose the right.

light pastel shade will also work as a complement to the dark.The inner edge of the eyelid can be emphasized shades of green, but in this case the basic tone should go well with them by color.However, keep in mind that when a light-green eyes with dark shadows should be handled very carefully, using them only for the outer century.

hazel eyes will never be "friends" with the blue and blue shadows and mascara.Their use is allowed only girls with very light greenish-turquoise eyes, as they strengthen their blue ebb and thus making them much brighter and more charming.

To create an evening makeup for green eyes can also use dark purple, plum or more neutral shades, with a touch of graphite.In this case, careful shading crucial to ensure a smooth transition.Eyeliner pencil or black very well accentuate hazel eyes.To visually enlarge them, move the inner corners of the eyes, golden or white pencil.The result will help to consolidate a good black or brown mascara.

All of these tips will help turn the green-eyed beauty in a fatal temptress, forcing the men to follow at her heels, forgetting about the other girls.