What gel polish?

elegant and stylish manicure - the dream of every woman.After a neat nails always attract the attention of the interlocutors and cause a lot of positive emotions from the woman.That's just not every woman can afford to regularly visit a nail salon.And it is often not in the cost of the procedure.After all, some women simply have no time to visit the master.Work, study, children, farm, private life.A manicure should be regularly updated.Otherwise, the result will look untidy nails.In such situations you will gain gel nail polish.

This new product has appeared recently, but has already managed to acquire a very good reputation and rave reviews.Opinions girls are unambiguous: a nail at times more convenient than ordinary.It has many advantages, however, it is much more expensive than the simple "brothers."So, what is a gel lacquer reviews which have flooded the Internet?

applied the remedy is easy.You just open the bottle and paint your nails like a conventional varnish.Its texture is not as thick as

that of the gel, so it lies smoothly and without the formation of lumps and seals.The smell does not feel the presence of acetone.You can choose any color from a rich palette.Gel polish (reviews only confirm all his dignity) has a terrific brilliance, so transforms even the simplest manicure in a work of art.And it looks great not only on the hands and feet.Therefore, the master pedicure increasingly give their preference to the properties of the light-curing lacquer gel.

great advantage is the fact that prior to the application of this tool is not necessary to grind the nail plate.Consequently, it does not need a long time to recover from the procedure.Any gel lacquer, reviews that can be found on the Internet, only solidifies in the rays of the ultraviolet lamp.It dries very quickly and it does not form the upper adhesive layer.Prior to the application of the varnish is recommended to remove the moisture and fat from the skin epithelium with a nail with special tools.No other special preparation is needed.

This gel varnish (responses of women who have tried this remedy, confirmed its resistance) does not flake and does not cleave.You can not be afraid of inadvertently lubricated.Therefore, immediately after the procedure, you get a chance to work out any business.Even play with the baby or wash dishes.Luck will be on your nails without any damage.
It does not tarnish and does not lose its luster for at least two weeks.If you notice that your nails have much industry, you need only ordinary means of nail polish remover.And the nails are again ready to update its color.

considered the most popular gel nail gelish European firms.Manufacturers and again demonstrate the high quality and great result.Furthermore, these lacquers contain nutrients that allow nails remain strong and healthy.