Micellar water - the perfect cleanser for all skin types

Every time it seems that nothing new has come up in cosmetics is impossible, but announce yet another new product, you try and wonder - as before could do without it.This is the case with those who are the first to use micellar water.Under this name hides a wonderful tool, which gently, quickly and effectively removes even waterproof makeup, perfectly cleanses the skin and does not cause absolutely no harm to the skin.

Micellar water - a suspension of tiny particles of fatty acids (from the Latin Ā«micelleĀ» - the union of molecules), which, falling on the skin, dissolve makeup and remove impurities.Sometimes, after use of the drug on the skin is the thinnest film of fat, so it is ideal for dry skin, or the skin around the eyes.

micellar water originally developed as a means to care for immobile patients and young children who are prone to allergies, and therefore caring for them can not use conventional cosmetics.After the successful use of funds in this area and the excellent feedback the developer

s had the idea to offer it as a cleansing agent in cosmetics.The first micellar water appeared in beauty salons and shops in France.The French appreciated the novelty, and she quickly won the hearts of women across Europe.

To use this tool, there are no rules.If you want to remove makeup - put it on a cotton pad and skin lines soft flowing movements, wipe the skin.Very gently remove makeup from the eyes.Although micellar water and burns the eyes and harmless, it is better not to stretch the skin.This tool is perfect for those who do not use water for washing.Perfect and gentle cleansing guaranteed.After this cleansing cream is applied much more easily and quickly absorbed by the skin looks fresh and pleasant sensation - no lag effect.

for dry or prone to skin irritations micellar water will escape.It relieves irritation and redness, making the skin smoother.For owners of oily skin can become unpleasant appearance luster after a while after using this tool.Can solve this problem by freezing water in the form of cubes, and use it frozen.The skin is cleansed in this way is good, but there is no shine, because the pores are narrowed from the cold.

micellar water produced by different manufacturers.Some formulations do not contain dyes or perfumes.Such means and in appearance, and the smell is different from ordinary water, but its properties are much superior to her.

In choosing cosmetics everyone comes out of their tastes, requirements and preferences.Choose a few.This facility produced and famous company Lancome, LIERAC, Vichy, Faberlic, YVES ROCHER, and many others, but is more popular Bioderma micellar water (Bioderma).At sufficiently affordable price, it is of good quality and has no complaints.But it is the choice of most, you may enjoy a means of another company - this is purely a personal choice and should not always be guided by the masses.