Perfume Christian Dior: gold standard perfume

Oh, how familiar these languid eyes are trained to showcases and price tags, these ubiquitous billboards and inscription: "Just today, Christian Dior perfume at a discount of 50%!" - And that "today" lasts for the second month.However, if the spring is so eager to be a permanent holiday, why not treat yourself to your favorite, having made a legitimate purchase of an annual "kristianovskih" masterpieces?

At different times, talented perfumers managed to create in his legendary perfume Christian Dior, each time retaining the basic chords, recognizable basis.Let's try to briefly highlight the monumental and simple fashion creations by Dior.

Christian Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle

This "Golden Rose" house Dior is a modification of the well-known, and therefore not subject to discussion fragrance Dior Addict.Novelty appeared on the market more than six years ago, so lively and demand is the most demanding of attention femme fatale.How to teach a man's heart on a silver platter?Buy these "sensory water"

, as promised perfume Christian Dior, and appreciate rightly note heart of roses and jasmine petals.

undeniable weapon fashion house - musky trail, which dilutes the sharpness a bit cloying sound rosebuds.Added in the notes of white cedar and does refreshing scent, reminding remotely Monte Carlo and walk barefoot on the silk in the Cote d'Azur.Someone Flerova bouquet seem too heavy for everyday wear - so nobody makes wearing a crown diva night around the clock!

Christian Dior Forever and Ever

Coming out back in 2002, this fragrance continues to break sales records and to this day, even in this Reaffirming its durability and popularity.It belongs to the floral aromas, as well as many samples of Dior.Have they desire the most demanding beauty - in fact at the heart of the composition of Christian Dior Forever and Ever is bitter-sweet almond blossom and unmatched velvet rose.Luxury and imperious soul flavor - the top notes - contains a water jasmine and white freesia.But in the body of the fragrance it sounds great trio of musk, vanilla and nutmeg.Not too sugary, but at the same unctuous and magical fairy-like cake - can be described as a work of fashion house Dior.In general, it is difficult to imagine, but easily tempted.

Christian Dior Homme Sport

already seen offended by the views of men and pursed lips, restraining grumbling: "Why, bought myself, and I was - as usual, nothing."Who would take care of you, brave and sexy, but perfume Christian Dior!From the classics to the year, which seeks to tell us himself Jude Law with posters of this fragrance - meet Christian Dior Homme Sport.

This refreshing breeze, enclosed in a tight bottle, it aptly reflects the essence of modern handsome, leading an active lifestyle.As with everything that happens in the body of a man, this fragrance embodies the inexplicable magic of the alchemists.Splash citrus notes refreshing and invigorating as fresh fresh after a workout.It brings to life and eliminates the melancholy ginger aroma and notes of cedar.And finally, for the gratification of sentimentality and sensuality - gentle and caring, as the hands of the beloved, Bulgarian lavender and rosemary.Enjoy the secret until the favorite does not see - because we deserve it!