Painting «Kapous».

the first time on the Russian domestic market of cosmetic hair dye "Kapus" appeared in the year two thousand and one.Manufacturing it is in Italy.Despite this, the paint is a Russian brand.

choosing a cosmetic product for hair dyeing, we listen to the advice of those who provide professional hairdressers rely on friends reviews and friends, appreciate it for commercials or packaging.Buy hair dye, we can and at random, and suddenly like.But be that as it may, any of us expect from the cosmetic product only remarkable effect.After painting we want a bright color hair, having a certain resistance.Thus the cosmetic product should not cause allergic reactions.We expect the careful handling of paint hair.To meet all these requirements is recommended to use professional products.

Painting «Kapous», reviews of which indicate that its use is able to justify everything, even the most optimistic expectations, perfect hair dyes.The manufacturer offers a rich palette of colors.Cosmetic product «Kapous», whi

ch reviews describe him positively result in the dyeing of gray hair, is the latest development.In his formula correctly selected combination of its component parts.

paint manufacturers «Kapous», user reviews of the show which give hair shine and brightness ensures triple protection.It is possible thanks to a special formula trikoprotektina.Painting "Kapus" also contains hydrolyzed silk.This feature protects the hair from the sun, dust and other negative factors.Each strand of hydrolyzed silk covered with a protective film, protecting it from loss of color and moisture.

Painting «Kapous», reviews of which her admirers suggest careful care cosmetic product for the scalp, does not cause irritation and excessive dryness.This effect is possible due to the natural ingredients and oils included in the formula.

Any buyers can pick up her desired tone.This is possible thanks to a rich palette of colors, containing one hundred and eleven different colors.In addition, anyone who is able to create his own unique sound, mixing various dyes within the boundaries of the spectrum.

admirers domestic brand «Kapous» very satisfied with the outcome of his application.Low cost and to achieve the desired effects are indisputable advantages of this paint.In addition, the cosmetic product is very economical due to easier mixing and application to the hair.Throughout the staining procedure is no burning sensation of the skin of the head, although the processing time is fifty minutes.The resulting color is different brightness and saturation.At the same time he goes on a strand perfectly smooth.After coloring the hair remains supple and soft.Packing-tube is easy to use and convenient, as it contains the markup required for the correct dosage.