Ointment "Skinoren".

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin, wearing a chronic nature.This pathological process is shown open or closed comedones.Symptoms of the disease are also inflammatory skin lesions.Getting rid of acne requires care and patience.

modern pharmaceutical industry with certainty declares that the concerns of hundreds of thousands of young people, it is solvable.Scientific research conducted in this area have led to the creation of an effective tool designed to get rid of acne.The drug "Skinoren" Testimonials about the only positive which appeared in the pharmaceutical market is relatively recent.

drug is an innovative development designed to get rid of moderate and mild acne.Produced preparation German company "Bayer".The drug "Skinoren" Testimonials of which indicate the possibility of complex influence of medication on the causes of acne, as well as its consequences, has the main active substance - azelaic acid.The drug can exert anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and antimicrobial effect.In a

ddition, the drug reduces the fraction of the fatty acids are composed of the surface of the lipid film.

drug "Skinoren" reviews of the application which show the clinical improvement in the period from fourteen to twenty-eight days, it is recommended to use a period of ten to twelve weeks.This will provide the most lasting results and to improve the overall condition of skin.

company "Bayer" produces the drug in the form of a gel or cream.Choosing the texture of the drug is produced, depending on the skin type.The drug "Skinoren" (cream) is intended for use under normal and dry the epidermis and the gel - with fat.The preparation perfectly removes dark spots and dead cells.In addition, "Skinoren" (cream), reviews of which positively characterize it as a means to remove various stains, perfect for getting rid of acne marks, scars and traumatic pigmentation.It is also suitable for application to the epidermis before and after peeling the remaining killing microbes in the skin.

drug "Skinoren" ratings which indicate the possibility of applying his makeup, leaves no oily sheen on the face.Consistency medicament pleasant during use.Application of the drug produced a thin layer to the area of ​​pathological processes.The skin is pre-purified by conventional hygiene products.The main active ingredient of the drug - azelaic acid included in the composition of the funds in the micronized form, eliminating the acne.The drug has a high level of security.It includes no antibiotics and alcohol.

drug "Skinoren" is often recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists.His vacation in the pharmacy network is made without a prescription.The drug "Skinoren", whose price ranges from three hundred fifty to seven hundred rubles, available for a wide range of customers who care about the health of their skin and seek to get rid of blackheads.