Eau de cologne: a little history

During the Soviet era, in any perfume department could buy cologne "Triple".It cost a penny, queuing behind him did not stand, so it is not always used for its intended purpose.The history of the "Cologne Water" is more than three centuries, and it was conceived not as a perfume, as well as a kind of elixir, which has miraculous properties that can cure almost all diseases in the world.The instructions clearly stated that the vehicle is able to prevent these things from the plague, excrete the poison to cure jaundice, cramps, burns, etc.And it adds beauty, giving the skin smoothness and beautiful color.

So, eau de cologne is a therapeutic agent.But it lasted long, until Napoleon issued a decree in 1810 that required the disclosure of all the recipes completely curative elixirs, potions and

other so-called drugs.Manufacturers "Cologne Water" did not want to reveal their secrets, so added some fragrant cologne components and said it perfumes.In his new capacity elixir it was also adopted by the "c

heers", even the emperor himself was delighted with him.It can be said that he and his army, and "has brought" eau de cologne in Russia, when he went to conquer Moscow.Fortunately, he does this he failed, but "Vodicka," in which the alcohol contained about 60 percent, very stuck.And already on the basis of its membership, the country began to offer other perfume.

But where did the name - triple cologne?Its composition may have been some mysterious?Not at all.Just to announce medicine perfume, were added to the three aromatic components, namely: bergamot, lemon and neroli.Since the composition is almost not changed, although some modern manufacturers of cologne add to it as lavender, geranium, nutmeg, coriander, sage (of course, in the form of essential oils).The sale of eau de cologne can be found without too much trouble, and it is, by today's standards, it is still inexpensive.Oddly enough, it is increasingly buy girls as convinced of its efficacy against skin imperfections.Many women's forums on the address of this means entirely rained compliments because it helped get rid of the young (and not so) beauties from acne.

example, recommends this recipe: eau de cologne in two packages streptotsida added, mixed and cleaned for ten days in a dark place, that all is well dissolved and present.After that, twice a day with cotton wool soaked in the resulting solution, lubricate the affected areas of the skin.And cologne, but in its pure form, it helps to relieve itching after mosquito bites.Some even manage to strengthen their hair, as well as to remove the pain of arthritis and other similar diseases.The only downside "Cologne Water" was marked by the smell.But since it is used exclusively for medical purposes and not in perfume, then this drawback it is possible to put up, the more that the effect of the use of cologne, in the literal sense, is obvious.