Grooming short hair - male beauty and style

Ethnicity plays an important role in our lives.It is known that meet on clothes, and then begin to evaluate the quality of the mind and soul.Therefore, if you want to achieve success in life, try to look like according to the situation.Ahead of business negotiations?You - very elegant.You declare yourself as a creative person?Bold avant-garde hairstyles emphasize your individuality.Mowing is sometimes keeps to itself all carefully builds the image.And no matter what hairstyle you choose: long, medium or short hair.

Classic hairstyles, despite the name, is hardly boring.Master with experience will offer several styles to choose from.

Probably the most drastic option in the category of "haircut for short hair for men" - completely remove the hair the whole machine.Balding man not to look ridiculous, prefer to shave bald.The idea in principle is sound, there really is nothing more ridiculous than trying to hide baldness liquid strands.

brutal and rather aggressive military style demonstrated by David

Beckham, revived ultrashort hairstyle with shaved temples and neck.This haircut short hair year 2012 survived and successfully entered the top hairstyles 2013th.It is well suited to all, regardless of age.She was asked to do, and very young teenagers, and quite mature man tightened.

However, beats all records of popularity in the sports haircut short hair.The male half of humanity has long and faithfully loves boxing and not only in the sense of a good fight.Hairstyle, where at the back of the temples and left a couple of millimeters in length, and on the parietal zone strands are cut on his fingers, keeps a neat appearance in any circumstances.

haircut short hair male called "poluboks" differs from its "older brother" parietal longer strands.If the box assumes the maximum length of the hair in three centimeters in poluboks top left for 5 or 8 centimeters.And the border line is below.

difference poluboks of Canadians - in a smooth transition from the volume in the frontal and parietal areas in a shorter strands at the temples and back of the head.When placing the hair in different ways, each time you can change your style.Today, it is retro, unfading classics of tomorrow, and in the evening, going to the club, you can afford an informal look.The beauty lies more in the fact that the hair does not impose special requirements on the density of the hair.

But to have stuck hedgehog "needles", need tough strands.But the trouble such a haircut for short hair (men's practicality sometimes borders on laziness) does not give absolutely no.It is only necessary in time to wash your hair.

And how would not seem an easy matter to you hair cut, do not attempt to do it yourself.Professional know-processing technology strands, it will tell you what kind of hair style would be better to stay on your hair, how long you need to keep, where to draw the border line.Listen to his tips and you'll love her reflection (even in the morning).