The legendary perfume "Opium"

Since 1977, the company "Yves Saint Laurent" produces the famous perfume "Opium", which are considered today a classic flavor.Later released scented water with less odor kontsetrirovannym, but has the same name.Author and creator of flavors began at the moment is not very well-known French perfumers.Packaging developed by Pierre Dinan.He created a beautiful bottle, reminiscent of Japanese inro - boxes for storing small items.

flavor idea, package design and the name immediately endorsed the great Yves Saint Laurent.The colors that were used in the design, considered to be the traditional oriental - a combination of gold and red are always talking about luxury and sensuality.Spicy aroma, which is so famous perfume "Opium", conjures up thoughts of the eastern countries.The exact calculation of the fashion trends at that time - the East and everything associated with it - has become a decisive factor which ensured the success of the new fragrance.

"Opium" - spirits who were born in several stages.In t

he beginning it was produced about three hundred flavors.Thirty of them chose the most responsible plan of founders.In exactly the same bottles were presented to the public.As a result of this research it was left the only one that received the most positive reviews.They became known worldwide fragrance called "Opium".It was presented at the New York party, which was attended by over 900 guests.She took on a sailing vessel "Beijing", which in one night turned into a luxurious oriental palace.The creators of magnificent flavor were happy - perfume "Opium" received rave reviews.

However, the appearance of these perfumes on the market was calm and serene.Management of the company, of which at the time was part of the trading house Yves Saint Laurent, suddenly resisted the release of the fragrance, considered hopeless.The choice of name has led to a ridiculous accusations of drug use to the designer.Because perfume "Opium" still have been released, we have to thank Yves Saint Laurent and Chantal Roos, the current head of YSL Beaute.

When the spirits market, the creators of the fragrance continued to pursue large and small troubles.Initially, they were charged with the use of harmful substances such as mace Keaton.Although reliable data on the use of the substance is not in China, these spirits are banned completely.The country's leadership decided that the name of the fragrance with young people can perceive is wrong, and the use of perfume with such a provocative name can distort the overall picture of the country.

Scandalous and began advertising "Opium" with Sophie Dahl.Critics considered her calling and sexually humiliating women.

Spirits, which has operated under the name "Opium", are slightly different from those that appeared in the 70s.Their flavor was slightly modified in 2000.Despite the changes, perfume "Opium" is still popular and loved by women all over the world, as evidenced by the consistently high level of sales of the fragrance.